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Category Archive: Testimonials

  1. Maja Rosenbaum – Sweden

    “It is strange that something so painful can be so wonderful!” Who are you? I am an 18 years old athlete and have been in the swimrun community for about 3 years. Still I would say I am in the beginning of discovering what swimrun has to offer, which motivates me:) We Will soon start […]

  2. Nick Charlier – UK

    “In our busy lives it is easy to disconnect yourself from the beautiful planet we live on. ÖTILLÖ gives you that rare opportunity to experience nature in a truly unique way, exploring some of the most beautiful trails and oceans in the world!” Who are you? My name is Nick Charlier, I’m the Head of […]

  3. Simon Börjeson – Sweden

    Simon Börjeson – 2019 Swimrun World Champion together with Charlotte Eriksson ÖTILLÖ has really made people push boundaries. If it was not for ÖTILLÖ, swimrun would probably be more of a way to have fun and enjoy nature while training and less of asport. Race times in general would not have been as fast. Who […]

  4. Maria Rohman – Sweden

    “Every ÖTILLÖ race weekend has something for everyone. You can chase the podium in an adventure that keeps you out for hours (World Series), do a shorter, yet challenging Sprint or breaststroke and walk yourself through an Experience distance. It all depends on what you want or are able to do. Everyone is welcome.” Who […]

  5. Matthieu Poullain – France

    ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship is where every swimrunner wants to go one day. To experience the feeling of being part of something bigger. You train as hard as possible during the season to get qualified and to be on the start line in Sandhamn! Matthieu Poullain – Overall winner of ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series […]

  6. Kristin Larsson – Sweden

    ” ÖTILLÖ has set a new way of moving fast through nature, no matter the terrain”. Kristin Larsson – Course record holder at ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship in 2018 together with Annika Ericsson. Tell us who you are? I am an outdoor athlete since many years. I come from the North of Sweden. I […]

  7. Markus Rössel – Germany

    “The ÖTILLÖ organization not only managed to translate this foolish bet into one of the most iconic and outstanding endurance competitions, they also accomplish to set and keep setting organizational ideals with pioneering and progressive standards that reflect the modern requirements of racers and, most importantly, the environment they are showcasing their adventures in.” -What […]

  8. Desirée Andersson – Sweden

    ”ÖTILLÖ has opened up a completely new world for me in terms of nature, friendship and challenges!” Desirée Andersson – ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Champion 2019 What do you like most about Swimrun? The perfect combination of exercising and exploring beautiful places without any limitations since you move through both water and over land. You also […]

  9. Mats Skott – Sweden

    “To me ÖTILLÖ is Swimrun. It also means loving my job, organizing Swimrun races and creating very nice experiences for our participants.” What do you like most about being the race director of the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series? I like the challenge of designing courses that are inspiring for the racers and trying to make […]

  10. Jonas Colting – Sweden

    “ÖTILLÖ is a world class race today and I am so proud of having been part of their journey from day one – from an obscure grassroot event to an event endurance athletes all over the world want to participate in!” What do you like most about Swimrun? I love the fact that it´s a […]