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The start of the Swedish Swimrun season and a tribute to the origin of the sport. Utö and its surrounding islands will provide the scene for great swimrun races along magical trails and protected open-water swims.

Why Utö?

Utö is where the swimrun movement started. It is a Swedish island in the southern part of the Stockholm archipelago with a small year-round population. Our home away from home, Utö Värdshus, offers accomodation in different sizes and excellent dining experiences.

On Utö, you will find untouched nature with beautiful pine tree forests and the wild Baltic Sea. In the North, there are rocky granite cliffs, while the South offers a coast line with sandy beaches. You can conquer the island on technical trails with different terrains. The incredible ocean views make up for some elevation gains. Find more information here.

Getting to Utö

A train and a bus take you from Stockholm City Terminal to the ferry stop at Årsta Brygga. Waxholmsbolaget’s boat brings you to Utö Gruvbryggan. By exiting the ferry, you automatically enter our event area.

At the ferry stop at Årsta Brygga, you can also find a large parking lot for everyone that travels by car.

The nearest airport is the Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN), which is just a 18-minute “Arlanda express” train ride to Stockholm City.

Around Utö

If you have some time, you should not miss visiting Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Built on 14 islands and connected by 57 bridges, the capital is blessed with a stunning old town and  modern architecture spread across the city. Take your time and stroll through this beautiful city. Find more informations here!

Race Information Utö

The island of Utö is in the Stockholm Archipelago South East of Stockholm. We suggest that you fly to Stockholm Arlanda Airport and from there you can take the Arlanda Express train to Stockholm City Central Station. From the Stockholm Central Station you can take a subway, bus and ferry to Utö.

The start and finish area is at Utö Gruvbryggan. If you travel by public transport, we recommend you using this travel planner and putting Utö Gruvbryggan as your arrival station. And if you choose to trvael by car, there is a big parking lot at Årsta Brygga, where the ferry to Utö, Gruvbryggan leaves from.

Please see below time table with the additional ferries for ÖTILLÖ Utö.

Årsta Brygga to Gruvbryggan
08:20 – 09:00 additional ferry
09:20 – 10:00
10:20 – 11:15
11:20 – 12:00

Gruvbryggan to Årsta Brygga
15:35 – 16:30
16:50 – 17:30
18:30 – 19:10 additional ferry
19:50 – 20:30

All ferries are the same price and you can pay on board. The general ferry schedule can be downloaded here.

Book your accommodation with Utö Värdshus, they have all types of living solutions for you. We recommend you to make your booking as soon as possible because it quickly books out.

There is also a camping area less than 1 km from the start.

Race area
As you get off the ferry at Utö Gruvbryggan, you will see the finish area to the left by the big tent.

Merchandise sales
In the race area, we will have an ÖTILLÖ tent, where we will sell exclusive ÖTILLÖ Merchandise. We will also sell mandatory gear such as soft flasks, foldable cups, whistles and first aid kits.

Changing rooms, toilets and showers
In the harbor, there are changing rooms with toilets, showers, and a sauna. In addition, there will be portaloos close to the start and finish.

Bag drop
You can put your bag in the big bike rental shed to the South of the Start. We will not be able to supervise your belongings so if you have any valuables, please bring a lock to your bag.

All racers will receive a tasty meal after finishing the race. At Utö there are also several restaurants, in the harbour area and at Utö Värdshus.

The race bib distribution for all distances is in the big tent next to the start/ finish.

To receive your start pack you will have to display your photo-ID and your personal QR-Code that you will receive via email two days before the start. If you race in a team, both team members need to come to the bib distribution together. If you plan to race with fins you need to bring these so that we can verify that they are in line with the rules.

15 minutes before the start, there will be on-site race briefings for all races at the start line. Be there and do not miss out on specific safety information.

We will have energy (salty and sweet) and liquid stations along the course as marked in the course maps and in the Times & Distance documents.

We will serve…

+ products of our official partner Umara

Sports drink: U Sport in lemon flavor

Bars: U Bar, a gluten free energy bar in assorted flavors

Gels: U Gel in assorted flavors

+ fruits and snacks at the energy stations.

+ water and if cold weather we will also provide warm liquid.

We will publish a detailed plan of the energy stations approx. 3 weeks before the event.


We do not have paper cups at the energy stations, use your collapsible cup or soft flask to drink from.

If you bring your own gels, than please carry it in your wetsuit. Do not throw the wrappers on the ground, leave it in the garbage cans at the energy stations.

The ÖTILLÖ Experience does not have any cut-offs.

The ÖTILLÖ Sprint has one (1) cut-off:
TIME 2 at Utö Harbour at 13:45

The ÖTILLÖ World Series has two (2) cut-offs:
TIME 3 at Utö Harbour at 14:20
TIME 5 at Utö North at 15:50

We have cut-offs in our events to make sure that we can have a safe race, these are put in place so that everyone has a possibility to finish before dark and without jeopardizing the safety of others by stretching the safety organization too much. Please respect this and the people enforcing them.

In mid of June summer has arrived on Utö; flowers are blooming, the grass is green and the trees are coming to life after a long winter. As the race courses are super intense we do not expect you to be cold.
Like everywhere we can have wind, rain and un-seasonably cold. Make sure you bring clothes to handle this. The water in the Baltic has very low salinity, some teams will even race without swim goggles.

The races at Utö are great to follow as a spectator, at Utö Gruvbryggan you can see the start and finish of the races. All three race courses also pass through there.

If you would like to see more of Utö, the races are easy to follow by bike. You can rent a bike at Utö Harbour.

NOTE: you may not assist any teams unless if it is a medical emergency. Any other assistance will result in disqualification of the team.


During each race we make a big media production for social media and traditional media. You will see photographers, reporters and film teams along the course. If you have any personal media contacts that would like to have material from us please email to [email protected].

We will cover the ÖTILLÖ Utö LIVE on, please spread the information to all your friends and family. We will also use #otillouto to tag our posts, please do so you too. Our images that we post from the race are free to use for you as racers but not allowed for commercial use to promote other products or events.

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