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Unique races in unique places

Our aim is to challenge you and provide an incredible adventure in stunning natural surroundings. Our diverse races around the globe showcase the full range of nature’s beauty and promise you an unforgettable experience.

Passion & Loyality

We love what we do! Our passion for the sport drives our goal to organize races of the highest quality possible and create a fantastic experience for all involved. We value long-term goals and relationships that extend well beyond the finish line.


“Leaving nothing but memories!”

#cleantheocean is a project to bring attention to the negative effects of plastic and garbage in the ocean.

As our part to keep or oceans clean, we organize beach clean-ups at various races and do not use single-use cups at our events. Every racer needs to bring their own foldable cup. Intentional or careless littering will result in a time penalty or disqualification.


ÖTILLÖ stands for good sportsmanship, taking care of everyones safety and respect for yourself, your team partner and the environment. We foster a strong ÖTILLÖ family spirit and our community embodies these values, making each participant feel part of something truly special.