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We feel that we are very fortunate to work with what we love and to be able to share our passion with you. That is why we want to give back to those less fortunate through #swimrunforlife.

We have chosen to work with DECE and Kenosis design.

Together with DECE and Kenosis, we are empowering people to grow – by providing employment and education. You are restoring hope.

It is an initiative to help the poorest people around the city Arad, Romania in their daily life.

The work that they do is more than just supporting the poor families, it is about teaching skills so that the families become self-sufficient. How to grow food, to teach the parents a profession and motivate the kids to go to school. From this work the idea of DECE and KENOSIS was born. ÖTILLÖ always has some product from DECE to give to the racers, all medals and statues are made by recycled wood by KENOSIS and by doing so all racers support poor families in Romania to get a better life.

DECE and KENOSIS’s vision is not for people to survive but to thrive. Where people find dignity and self esteem, confidence and security. Where through their own work people are able to provide more than just food, but a home and a future for their children.

People become fully empowered when they have a secure job. When they can provide for their families and also begin to dream for themselves and for their children. The result is sustainable and long lasting change.

DECE and KENOSIS are both social enterprises and part of an holistic community development program developed over many years of working alongside families living in very difficult circumstances in North West Romania.


80% of all plastic found in the water is thrown on land.

We are dependent on clean, safe waters to be able to practice Swimrun so naturally we feel very strongly about the status of our waterways.

In the Isles of Scilly we work very closely with the Wildlife Trust, who are the stewards of the land and water. We go through our race courses together with them, all the way until the last week prior to the races we will make changes to the courses to not upset the nesting birds and/or if we see that our race courses has a negative impact on the nature and the habitat. For each participating team we make a donation to the Wildlife Trust.

During all island events we ask all our racers to bring whatever plastic they have back to the mainland for recycling. There is usually no recycling on the islands and the cost of transporting garbage to the mainland is high. We all need to greatly reduce the single-use plastic items in our daily lives.

During each of our race weekends we do a “garbage hunt” with all who want to participate, we call it #cleantheocean.

We all need to greatly reduce the single-use plastic items in our every day life.

We strongly advise all swimrunners to pick trash out of the water and of course trash found anywhere in nature to deposit it where it should be.

In 2017 were fortunate to be featured by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs around the Global initiative #SaveourOcean.

Together we can make a difference.

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