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A rustic beauty with single track forest trails, shoreline rock formations, and cliff jumps into the refreshing Colorado River. The perfect Texas-sized end to the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun USA Season.

Why Austin?

Pace Bend Park is situated in the western part of Travis County, in the central Texas Hill Country. The park boasts over nine miles of shoreline along the picturesque Lake Travis, making it a popular destination for visitors seeking a wide range of recreational activities. The west side of the park features high limestone cliffs and numerous rocky coves, providing stunning views of Lake Travis, especially during sunset.

You can conveniently access most of Pace Bend Park by vehicle via the seven-mile, paved loop road. However, the interior of the park is a wildlife preserve and can only be accessed by foot, bicycle, or horseback. The park has several trails that lead into the hills, offering panoramic views of the lake and the Hill Country. The area is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including whitetail deer, raccoons, foxes, ringtail cats, and numerous bird species.

Getting to Austin

Fly into Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS), rent a car, and drive about an hour northwest to Pace Bend Park. If you choose to stay overnight, use the time to check out the city. Good to know: The travel to Austin from Europe is simple and there are low-priced direct flights from many European airports.


Around Austin

The nature and natural preserves around Austin such as canyons, caverns, lakes and cliffs, are truly worth the distance to travel to see them. We recommend you trail running on cliff trails, camping in the mountains, mountain biking in the parks, and climbing rocks.

Race information Austin


  • Any lodging outside of Camp Texlake. We do not have any details on any lodging in Austin, between Austin and Pace Bend Park, or in Pace Bend Park outside Camp Texlake.


  • Stay onsite, steps from the race, at Camp Texlake. Staying onsite with us at Camp Texlake is super convenient and affordable. You can reserve your spot during registration or by going back in after you’ve signed up and adding it onto your registration. If you don’t know how to add it on after the fact CLICK HERE to learn more. Below are the details about staying at Camp Texlake.

A $60 reservation (per bed/person not per room) at Camp TexLake includes the following:

  • 1 Bed for Fri & Sat Night – Bring your own bedding (sheets or sleeping bag and pillow). $60 per person, not per room. There are a number of beds in a room. Please select the quantity you wish to reserve. Once the beds are all rented we will contact everyone to arrange the rooms in a way where family, friends, or at least same genders (if you end up in a room with someone you don’t know) are grouped together.
  • Complimentary Park Entry
  • Complimentary Parking
  • Complimentary Breakfast – Saturday & Sunday at the Dining Hall.
  • Communal Showers & Restrooms
  • Common Area w/Refrigerator, Microwave, & Coffee Maker.

We do not have an officially scheduled awards ceremony, we give our awards out as the winners cross the finish line. 


top 3 awards – World Series & Sprint Teams:

  • All Male Teams
  • All Female Teams
  • Mixed Teams

top 3 awards – World Series & Sprint Solos:

  • Male Solos
  • Female Solos

All distances have the same cut-off:

  • 14:00 Finish Line Area – This is when the race officially ends.




Camp Texlake
5700 Pace Bend Rd N
Spicewood, TX 78669



Packet Pickup, Start/Finish Line, & Post Race

Camp Texlake Dining Hall
30°28’21.2″N 98°01’26.4″


In the event of severe weather like lightning, flooding, or hurricane force winds, we will delay the event in 20-minute increments. If the weather does not improve, we will assess the situation every 20 minutes to ensure the event can still take place in some form. Our priority is the safety of our athletes, and any decisions made during severe weather will be in their best interest.

Mandatory YouTube Race Briefing (2023)


  • Swim Cap – Color coded to the event distance.
  • Number Bib (OSFA) – Each team has matching bib numbers color coded to the event distance.
  • Restube (Solo Racers Only) – Auto inflating personal flotation device (emergencies only)
         Please return at the finish line. Athletes may also use their own auto inflating or tow-behind buoy (instead), if they would like.
  • Timing Chip & Ankle Strap (1 Per Team, 1 Per Solo Racer)
         It does not matter which teammate wears the timing chip. Please return at the finish line.


  • Shoes – To be worn the entire race. Look for a light shoe with support, lots of grip, and good drainage.
  • Wetsuit – We recommend a Swimrun style wetsuit but any wetsuit is allowed. Please do not email us asking if a wetsuit is truly mandatory. It’s on this list, it’s mandatory for everyone.
  • Whistle – One per team. If you’re a solo athlete there’s a whistle built into your Restube ripcord.
  • Compression Bandage One per team. One per solo racer. We race in remote areas. This is required so that if you get cut and no one is around you can attempt to stop the bleeding. CLICK HERE to see how to use it.
  • Tether One per team. This is a precaution in the case of bad weather OR becomes mandatory if you find yourself separating from your teammate during the swim.


Camp Texlake
5700 Pace Bend Rd
Spicewood, TX 78669



  • 13:00 – 14:00 – Sprint & Experience Pickup
  • 14:00 – 15:00 – World Series Course Pickup
  • 15:00 – 16:00 – Any Distance Can Pickup


  • It is mandatory to pick up your race packet the day before at Camp Texlake. 
  • We prefer that everyone picks up their own packet the day before the race and that teams come together during this time, we understand that this may not always be possible. Therefore, we allow one team member to pick up an entire team packet, as well as family members and friends to pick up packets for racers, as long as they have the registrant’s permission and a valid ID.
  • To make the check-in process quick and easy, please show your QR code at the packet pickup. We will email this to each racer the week of the event. Each QR code is specific to your registration. If you do not have your QR code, you can check in with a photo ID. You do not need to show a USA Triathlon Membership card, even though this is a USAT sanctioned event.

Can’t Pickup Your Packet the Day Before?

If you are unable to pick up your packet the day before the race, you have one more option. You can choose to pick it up on race morning by selecting “Race Morning Packet Pickup” during registration or by adding it to your RunSignup account later. This option is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who choose and pay for this option will have a pre-stuffed bag with their name on it ready for them before the race. Depending on the event, this pickup may be available before boarding a ferry to the start, or it may be at the common start/finish area. The add-on is per person, so each person on a team must select this add-on during or after they registration.



The following items are given to each racer at packet pickup:

  • Apparel Item
  • Swim Cap
  • Collapsable Cup
  • Number Bib
  • Timing Chip & Ankle Strap
    • It doesn’t matter which teammate wears it. Please return at the end of the race.
  • Rest Tube (Solo Only)
    • Please return at the end of the race.



  • It’s about 1 hour travel (42mi) from the airport to Pace Bend via car.


Registrant is responsible for paying their own way into the park.

  • $10 per vehicle (whenever you enter the park) – If you have purchased lodging at Camp Texlake and are staying with us, let them know, entry should be free.


Parking is allowed in any of the parking lots within the Camp Texlake Area where we hold the race. Please do not block the roads or course.


  • CLICK HERE to access our live site map. This map will display pins for all the important addresses listed above, but it will not include the course maps. The course maps are only available on each event’s page.


  • There are a handful permanent restroom facilities located on the course. Portable restrooms are not provided for the event, but there are indoor restrooms available at the start/finish line area.

Bag drop

  • You may place your change of clothes bag in the Dining Hall before the race. We advise against putting any high-value or important items such as keys, wallet, electronics, etc., in these bags. While we have never had any issues with anyone tampering with the bags, we do not oversee their handling. Athletes are responsible for checking in and claiming their own bags based on an honor system, and we cannot be held liable for any damage, loss, or theft of property.


  • All finishers will have access to post race food and drink inside the dining hall after the race.


  • Refunds on your race entry.
  • Transfers of solo or full team entries to completely different athletes. As a team you’re allowed to swap out your teammate as long as one original member stays on the team.
  • Since this is the last race of the year we do not allow transfer to any other Otillo race. The only option is really deferring to the next year.


  • Deferring to next year’s race.
  • Changing teammates.
  • Changing from team to solo.
  • Changing distances.
  • Splitting a team entry into two solo entries.
  • Combining two solo entries into one team entry.
  • Refunds on add-ons like wetsuits, race morning packet pickup, and spectator boat tickets as long as they are requested more than a week prior to the race.

How-To Make Changes to Your Registration

Racers have the ability to change events, transfer to a different race, or defer their entry if they would like. It’s as simple as logging into your RunSignup account and making the change(s) yourself. If you don’t know how to do it, checkout the short RunSignup tutorials below:

All racers are required to wear a wetsuit during the swim. We suggest using a Swimrun wetsuit rather than a full-body triathlon style wetsuit because Swimrun wetsuits are lighter, more flexible, and easier to run in without overheating. However, any type of wetsuit is acceptable.

For those who do not own a wetsuit and prefer not to purchase one, we have a limited number of Ark Sports rental wetsuits available. These suits can be rented as an add-on during registration, or you can add them later by logging into your RunSignup account and editing your registration to include the rental suit.


If you have rented a wetsuit, you can pick it up during packet pickup. We may not have extra suits available for rent if you have not reserved one in advance, so please plan accordingly. If you rented a wetsuit and have opted for race morning packet pickup, your wetsuit will be available at that time.

After the race, please remember to remove any items from the wetsuit pockets and return it to the wetsuit tub at the finish line.

  • Please be courteous on the roads and trails. Remember, all roads and trails are open, and Pace Bend Park attracts many patrons at different times of the day. When crossing, be sure to look both ways, and when running, stay to the right to allow others to pass and share the roads and trails.
  • Minors who are under the age of 18 must obtain permission from the race director before signing up. They also need their parents to sign them up.
  • Mandatory gear is required and may be checked at any time during the race. Participants without the mandatory gear will be disqualified.
  • Teams must have a tether with them at all times, but are only required to be tethered together under certain conditions:
    • if they want to
    • if they continuously separate during swims
    • if the race organizers announce that all teams must be tethered due to weather conditions.
  • Teams must stick together at all times, and leaving a teammate behind is not allowed.
  • Participants must stay on the marked course at all times. Going off course and returning to it is not allowed.
  • Littering is prohibited, and participants should dispose of their trash in designated areas or with event volunteers.
  • It is the responsibility of each individual participant to come to the start line fully prepared.This includes familiarizing themselves with all event information provided on the website, in emails, and in videos.

Volunteers are the backbone of the race. We could not do what we do for the athletes, without volunteers. We are always in need of volunteers that are ready and willing to help with various positions during race weekend. All registered volunteers receive a t-shirt, and meal after their shift concludes. All volunteers must register via our system and check in and out for their shift. Some volunteer positions even have stipends associated with them and groups that volunteer and identify themselves as such will be eligible for a donation.


Every water stop will be equipped with a minimum of two coolers.

  • One cooler will contain regular water.
  • The other cooler will be filled with Precision Hydration electrolyte-infused water. You can identify this cooler by the “PH” marking on its top.
  • Additionally, most, if not all, water stops will have a bucket or container holding PH gels.

Please ensure that any trash you have is disposed of in the designated trash bag, typically tied to the handle of one of the water coolers. Leaving trash on the course or failing to use the trash bags will result in immediate disqualification and a ban from all future races.

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