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To compete in ÖTILLÖ events, each athlete needs to have a valid insurance for competing in Swimrun. We recommend you to conclude our ÖTILLÖ Swimrun insurance. It is possible to buy this cover for single event only or for the entire Swimrun season; the season cover protects you for 14 Swimrun events in 2024.

The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Insurance is a “Swimrun-Athletes-Insurance Program” with a recognized international Insurance Company. It offers a combined cover of a Personal Accident Insurance, Medical Expenses Abroad Insurance and Travel Cancellation Costs & Curtailment Insurance. The Insurance Coverage includes all direct travel to and from the moment the Insured Person(s) starts his/her journey from his/her home address until the day the Insured Person(s) returns to his/her home from the insured event venue.

It will also reimburse for Swimrun events participants fees as well as related travel costs booked through a travel company (incl. Airlines and Railway Companies) up to the maximum limit named in the Confirmation of Cover if you have to cancel your trip to the insured race you have signed up for unforeseen insured events. Insured events are for example death, bodily injury or illness of the Insured Person (Swimrun Athlete) or immediate relatives (family members). Please note that this insurance does not cover any transportation risks (e.g. cancellation, delay, failure, strike).

For insured persons with a permanent residence outside of Europe, the reimbursement will be paid out via Swimrun AG. Any bank charges shall be borne by the insured person.

This insurance covers only your own interests and does not include your team mate. However, in case your team mate has to cancel the planned Swimrun event due to e.g. serious accident/injury and/or unexpected serious illness, there is cover given for your own interest if you have no chance to take part in the insured event.

Please note that this is a short summary of coverage only and not legally binding. The Policy Documents and underlying Insurance Conditions are the only legally binding documents. Details of the policy with scope of cover and exclusions are found here.

Insured ÖTILLÖ Events 2024FormatsDate
ÖTILLÖ UtöWorld Series, Sprint & Experience08.06.2024
ÖTILLÖ EngadinWorld Series, Sprint & Experience29.06.2024
ÖTILLÖ GothenburgWorld Series, Sprint & Experience03.08.2024
ÖTILLÖ Final 15kWorld Series, Sprint & Experience31.08.2024
ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun WCHWCH02.09.2024
ÖTILLÖ CannesWorld Series, Sprint & Experience12.10.2024
Insured Merit Races 2024FormatsDate
Swimrun Yate, New CaledoniaLong, Middle, Short & Kids13.04.2024
SWIMRUNMAN Gorges du Verdon, FranceUltra, Half, Classic & Kids28.04.2024
Tâmega Swimrun, PortugalMarathon, Standard & Sprint02.06.2024
Swimrun Côte Vermeille, FranceLongue, Moyenne, Courte & Kids31.08.2024
Västerås Swimrun, SwedenMax & Half17.08.2024
SWIMRUNMAN Grand Lacs de Laffrey, FranceVertical, Classic, Sprint & Kids25.08.2024
Coniston Swimrun, UKFull-, Gritty- & Sprint Course22.09.2024
Swimrun Gran Canaria Maspalomas, Spaintbc10.11.2024

Event Cover

Season Cover

The insurance is valid for one event/race according to the confirmation of cover of the insured person.

The insurance is valid for one insured person for all events/races above for the 2024 season.

Option A: Event CoverOption B: Season Cover
Premium Categories28,- EUR110,- EUR
Program inception date01.03.2024
Program expiry date (tacit renewal):28.02.2025

Buy your insurance

Contact details for general insurance questions

What must be considered in case of a claim?
If you need assistance, you can reach our Assistance Center 24 hours at the following number:
Hotline: +41 43 333 37 55 (24 hours)

When contacting the Assistance Center, the following information is required:

  • What is your policy number? ZA09A00465
  • What is the name of your policy holder? SWIMRUN AG
  • What is your telephone number where the Assistance Center can reach you?
  • Where exactly are you currently located (city/country)?
  • What type of assistance service do you need?
  • What is your current health condition; what are the symptoms?
  • Whether and in what manner Assistance Services are provided will be decided by the assistance center.

In the following cases, you must contact our Assistance Center immediately:

  • Assistance services
  • Medical expenses
  • Repatriation and other emergency travel expenses

In all other cases you just have to report the claim after you return by contacting [email protected]