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The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun ranking system is based on results over two years, it is a tool for us to select the teams that apply via ranking to ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship.

Swimrun Ranking gives points to the teams that finish ÖTILLÖ World Series races and  ÖTILLÖ Merit races.

Current swimrun ranking

Swimrun Ranking
Rank Points Team name Team members Class
1 6 944 ARKswimrun Fredrik Axegård, Alexander Flores Men
2 5 654 Team Envol / Ticino Alexis Charrier, Sabina Rapelli Mixed
3 5 477 Pop’s Team HEAD Thomas Guerry, Pierre Auger Men
4 5 000 ARKsoulsADDNATURE Helen Wikmar, Isabella Hedberg Women
5 4 628 Team Envol Women Hvar Fanny Kuhn, Desirée Andersson Women
6 4 483 Boston Wet Sox Gregory Dierksen, Bronwen Price-dierksen Mixed
7 4 312 Sailfish Team Bröderna Bäver Jonas Ekman Fischer, Lars Ekman Men
8 4 073 TEAM ENVOL HEAD OCCITANIE Mackowiak Eric, Bourgis Valerie Mixed
9 3 946 Eddington Andrew Bruce, Steven Lord Men
10 3 896 TG Swimrun Coach / Extfin Andreas Ribbefjord, Tomas Granberg Men
11 3 893 HEAD CROWNHEALTH CHALLENGE Laurence marx, Laurent Valette Mixed
12 3 825 Team Halo Marcus Söderström, Per Widemar Men
13 3 794 TEAM TALON D ACHILLE François Lervant, Benjamin Colchen Men
14 3 781 Team Johannika / Boomerang Annika Westin, Johanna Paulsson Women
15 3 725 Team Sigma Frans Lundin, Martin Granelund Men
16 3 567 HEAD Time4SwimRun Sergey Mikhalev, Irina Borevich Mixed
17 3 562 ARK Swimrun Diane Sadik, Knut Baadshaug Nixed
18 3 552 Team Hubbo Markus Lund, Magnus Jirlind Men
19 3 550 Les Lapins Blancs Lequeux Sebastien, Huet Frédéric Men
20 3 486 TEAM ENVOL Mathieu/Sébastien Paganini Mathieu, Sebastien bzinkiewicz Men
21 3 476 Team Soda Patrik Mårtensson, Fredrik Åkerlund Men
22 3 476 Team WINGMAN Thomas Dessau, Jan Henningsen Men
23 3 440 Vibike-Head-226ers Team Ciro Tobar Ortiz de Urbina, Aintzane Argaiz Castro Mixed
24 3 377 Hippocampes Christophe Duval-kieffer, Francois Barou Men
25 3 367 HEAD swimrunART Odw. Sebastian Bleitgen, Frank Mertins Men
Sprint Ranking
Rank Points Team name Team members Class
1 5 516 HEAD CROWNHEALTH CHALLENGE Laurence marx, Laurent Valette Mixed
2 3 362 Lord and A Lady Steven Lord, Rachel Hales Mixed
3 3 164 ACB Coaching Andrew Bruce, Lotte Carritt Mixed
4 2 937 Tangle Teezer Christer Andersson, Joakim Norén Men
5 2 609 Fruchtfliegen Tilo Budinger, Frank Schulz Men
6 2 604 Team Lost Patrik Widell, Fanny Ahlfors Mixed
7 2 433 Team Power Woman Helena Bjälkemo, Åsa Ehrnholm Women
8 2 337 Aquatic Chillers Daniel Lampard, Justin Lennon Men
9 2 155 Stockholm City Triathlon Andrew Maclean, Donato Campanini Men
10 1 878 Kirin Racing Jonas Jarlmark Näfver, Henrik Malmström Men
11 1 815 Mumy rabbits Geraldine lequeux, Helene Portefaix Women
12 1 674 Team NuNu Jyrki Tammivuori, Kati Tammivuori Mixed
13 1 443 Las Papayas aHEAD Romain Tradotti, Manon-Cécile Climent Mixed
14 1 397 Hippocampes junior Christophe Duval-Kieffer, Gabriel Duval Men
15 1 368 Saltfiskarna Annica Sahlqvist, Peder Sahlqvist Mixed
16 1 367 Team Adventuresports Maggan Persson, Hanna Persson Women
17 1 331 Wife Swap Jessica van der Meer, Genevieve Laurier Women
18 1 265 Team Björk Mattias Björk, Ann Björk Mixed
19 1 250 Team apotea.se Martin Belak, Anna Hellström Mixed
20 1 197 Team Headhero Vallance Claire Vallance, Piers Vallance Mixed
21 1 194 Hippocampes Next Gen Francois Barou, Emile Barou Men
22 1 190 French Fries Caroline Marion, Valery Marion Mixed
23 1 176 PERMA Per Sydner, Mattias Isberg Men
24 1 169 Team Gambe Tova Gambe, Karin Gambe Women
25 1 136 ARI Aндрей Яськов, Роман Авдеев Men

In the process to get more transparent in our selection process for ÖTILLÖ The Swimrun World Championship we have created a Ranking system. All the World Series and ÖTILLÖ Merit races listed on the Races page will generate points, no matter where you finish. With these points you can apply for Ranking selection at ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship.

The system is designed to be as fair as possible and it is based on teams not individuals. The system is completely gender neutral.

The points are distributed based on the following criteria:

  • The system is built using inverse property
  • 40 % of the points are based on your overall result in the race. No matter which class you are in
  • 60 % of the points are based on your time in relationship to the average time of all finishing teams. This means that teams finishing very close together get very similar “time points” in relationship to their position and vice versa i.e. performance driven
  • Races are weighted differently. The base points are multiplied by a co-efficient that are as follows: ÖTILLÖ World Series Races x 1,25 and ÖTILLÖ merit races x 1,0
  • All teams that finish a race get ranking points.
  • Your points will devalue with 75 % after 365 days from getting them, after 24 months they will disappear completely
  • Your six (6) best points over the last 24 month period will count towards your ranking (this means that devalued points might be exchanged for more current points)
  • If you change partner you are a new team
  • Each individual has a personal indicator – this is not an individual ranking as it is only based on how well you choose your team mates.