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July 13th, 2020

Simon Börjeson – Sweden

Simon Börjeson – 2019 Swimrun World Champion together with Charlotte Eriksson

ÖTILLÖ has really made people push boundaries. If it was not for ÖTILLÖ, swimrun would probably be more of a way to have fun and enjoy nature while training and less of asport. Race times in general would not have been as fast.

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Who are you?

I am an ex-swimmer who has discovered the beauty of trail running.

How did you get into Swimrun?

I participated in the first edition of Ångaloppet in 2011 with Rasmus Regnstrand which was a part of Nisse and Theo Zetterströms combined 50 -year birthday party (the founders of Ångaloppet, it started as a party before becoming an official race in 2012).

It was basically just a bunch of swimming friends in Speedos that tried to run in the forest between the swims. It is still one of my favorite races.

What do you like most about Swimrun?

I love fast trails, frequent transitions, nice surroundings, friendship, physical and mental exhaustion.

How does Swimrun make you a better person in your everyday life?

Swimrun and especially the Ornö-run during ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Champs has made me rethink my idea of what “tough” is. Doing the dishes or biking to work on a rainy and windy winter morning is no longer that tough.

Life has become easier and I think I have become a happier person.

If you could choose anyone you want as a partner (nobody you raced with before) for an ÖTILLÖ race, who would it be?

I would race with anyone with a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eyes!

I also have to admit I am dreaming of the day my girlfriend Charlotte and I can race together again. A lengthy foot injury is currently making that impossible.

It would also be really fun to race Rasmus again as it has been a while.

What is your favorite meal the night before a race?

Pasta is what I choose to eat.

I still believe in the old-school “Gunde Svan-method” of carbo-loading. “Eat until you are full, then double it“. The first hour of racing is not always that pleasant but once your stomach gets lighter and the energy kicks in its worth it 🙂

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