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Total distance

40 390m

Swim distance

5 440m

Run distance

34 950m

Avg. air temp

15.5° C

Avg. water temp

18° C

Race details

Perfect for the adventure-minded athlete who wants to feel small while moving through nature. After a small loop through the Rosario Resort neighborhood, athletes experience the teeth-chattering bay for a short swim, a quick but potent reminder why the course uses the island’s lakes and does not swim from one San Juan island to another! The real star of this course are the unrelenting trails that either go Up Up Up or Down Down Down. You’ll need to come into race day fit and prepared for the full 12-rounds but you’ll be rewarded throughout with epic views of the San Juans Islands, the Olympic Mountains and even neighboring Canada!


Registration beings around 9 months before the race. This race does sell out and you can save yourself some money with early bird prices.


Early birdJanuary, 2024450 USD225 USD
StandardFrom February 1st, 2024500 USD250 USD
Late entryFrom March 1st, 2024550 USD275 USD
Last minuteFrom August 1st, 2024600 USD300 USD


13:00 – 14:00

Registration Experience & Sprint

14:00 – 15:00

Registration World Series

15:00 – 16:00

Overflow Packet Pickup


ALL Courses parking begins at Rosario


World Series anthem & announcements.


World Series race begins.


Sprint & Experience anthem & announcements


Sprint & Experience race begins

Cut-off times


World Series cut-off Bottom of Mt. Constitution


Sprint cut-off Top of Mt. Constitution


World Series cut-off South end of Mountain Lake


ALL COURSES Finish Line Area

world series Course

Times and distances

LocationRun (14)Swim (13)
Start, Run 1 1930m
Swim 1260m
Run 22410m
Swim 2300m
Run 3800m
Swim 3800m
Run 4640m
Swim 4 480m
Run 5 4020m
Swim 5800m
Run 625m
Swim 630m
Run 7 8050m
Swim 7260m
Run 8215m
Swim 8115m
Run 9 7400m
Swim 9550m
Run 10 1200m
Swim 10360m
Run 11800m
Swim 11350m
Run 1260m
Swim 12335m
Run 13 5800m
Swim 13800m
Run 14 – Finish 1600m
Total distances34 950m5 440m

Total distance: 40 390m/ 25.2 mi
14 runs
13 swims
13.5% swimming

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