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Total distance

17 500m

Swim distance

3 640m

Run distance

13 860m

Avg. air temp

21° C

Avg. water temp

18° C

Race details

The ÖTILLÖ Sprint Gothenburg is an intense swimrun course. It is a shorter version of the World Series course but with all the frills. The race has constant ins and outs of the water, fast runs, amazing views, spectators and lots of smiling faces.

An ÖTILLÖ Sprint race is the perfect swimrun race for those of you who feel that the World Series is too much or for those who want to go fast. Traditionally we have everything from very strong racers to absolute beginner Swimrunners doing the Sprint distances. Race in pairs or solo.

Welcome to the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint in the Gothenburg archipelago!


Registration beings around 9 months before the race. This race does sell out and you can save yourself some money with early bird prices.


Early birdDecember 15th, 20231500 SEK800 SEK
StandardFrom December 16, 20232000 SEK1100 SEK
Late entryFrom July 6th, 20242200 SEK1200 SEK
Last minuteFrom July 27th, 20242400 SEK1300 SEK

Included in the price:

Safety concept with safety boats for all swim sections equipped with rescue gear
Energy stations on-course and at the finish line
Free After-Race Food & Drink at the finish area
Welcome kit including a free swim cap and a special gift
Free photos for social media use
Bag drop-off
Chartered ÖTILLÖ ferries from Stenpiren (Gothenburg city) to the event location at Styrsö Bratten
Medical care on-course and at the finish line
Showers and toilets at the finish area
Sponsor village with ÖTILLÖ Merchandising area
Extensive measures to continually improve the sustainability of the event


16:00 – 17:00

Registration (Experience, Sprint & World Series) in the gym at the school, Styrsöskolan.

08:30 – 09:30

Registration ÖTILLÖ World Series Team & Solo in the gym at the school, Styrsöskolan.


Start World Series

10:20 – 11:20

Registration ÖTILLÖ Sprint and Experience in the gym at the school, Styrsöskolan.

11:30 – 12:00

Vivohealth workshop at the starting area


Start Sprint


Start Experience


First Experience racers to finish


First World Series racers to finish


First Sprint racers to finish


Prize giving Experience & Sprint


Prize giving World Series


Last racers across the finish line

Cut-off times


World Series cut-off at Time 4 – Styrsö Sandvik


Sprint cut-off at Time 2 – Kårholmen


World Series cut-off at Time 5 – Kårholmen

sprint Course

Times and distances

LocationRun (17)Swim (16)
Start, Styrsö Bratten – Time 1500m
Time 1 – Utterviks badplats2700m
Uttervik – Small island200m
Small island100m
Small island – Vassholmen200m
Vassholmen – Lilla Rävholmen200m
Lilla Rävholmen850m
Lilla Rävholmen – Stora Rävholmen200m
Stora Rävholmen450m
Stora Rävholmen swim550m
Stora Rävholmen350m
Stora Rävholmen – Sjumansholmen100m
Sjumansholmen – Kårholmen300m
Kårholmen – Time 2 Energy Cut-off100m
Kårholmen – Vidingen Vrångö200m
Vidingen – Långenäs500m
Långenäs – Time 31300m
Time 3 – Norra Vrångö2000m
Norra Vrångö – Kårholmen300m
Kårholmen – Time 4 Energy800m
Kårholmen – Sjumansholmen300m
Liten kobbe25m
Liten kobbe – Liten kobbe15m
Liten kobbe35m
Liten kobbe – Gula udden, Styrsö400m
Gula udden300m
Gula udden – Small island100m
Small island100m
Small island – Styrsö50m
Styrsö – Time 51950m
Time 5 – Finish, Styrsö Bratten700m
Total distances13 150m3 855m

Total distance in meters: 17 500m
17 runs
16 swims
21% swimming

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