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June 1st, 2020

Josefine Jangvert – Sweden

It is something special to take part in an ÖTILLÖ swimrun race. The atmosphere is magical and the event is very well organized. You always feel safe, even during tough conditions”.

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What do you like most about Swimrun?

Everything with swimrun is so much fun! I like the challenge about it. You spend time in the nature and explore places you never been to before. Shared happiness as you do it as a team. To meet up with friends for a weekend to swimrun, eat and have fun together.

What are your goals for 2020?

I teamed up with Linnéa Olausson before Christmas and our plan was to do ÖtillÖ Hvar, Utö and Scilly and hopefully get at spot to WC.  But with the current situation in the world and many cancelled/postponed races the new plan is to do Engadin and then all the WS races during autumn. Engadin will be challenging for me as I am not used to hills but there’s still time to practice.

How does Swimrun make you a better person in your everyday life?

I have a lot of energy and training makes me happy, more patient and gives me energy to do other things, like playing with my children. As you do swimrun as a team you learn to adapt to others.

If you could choose anyone you want as a partner for an ÖTILLÖ race, who would it be?

I think it’s fun to change partner now and then since you learn something new from all partners. But right now I’m longing to do my first race with Linnéa Olausson.

What is your favorite meal the night before a race?

As long as its lots of food I’m happy 😊

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