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May 4th, 2021

Facebook Live Interviews

Facebook live interviews

Starting on May 27 at 6 pm CET we will host several interviews LIVE on Facebook. The purpose of these interviews is to interact as a community, to give insight and to be inspirational.

First off we will have an interview with one of our founders, Michael Lemmel about the development of the 2021 season and what we can expect at the races this season.

During the season

During the season we will on the Thursday, a week before each race weekend have an interview with the responsible race director of the event. This is so you can ask the questions you are wondering about in regards to the upcoming event and for you to get insight in what we expect will happen during the race weekend. Mats Skott is the responsible Race Director at Utö, Gothenburg, The World Championship, Cannes and Malta. Johanna Edin is the responsible Race Director at Engadin, Final15K, 1000 Lakes and Catalina.

After the season

After the season we will have interviews with interesting persons and about relevant topics. In each session Michael Lemmel will be the moderator and you will all be to text in your questions that we will answer.

We believe that the interviews will be between 20 – 30 minutes long.

Please email [email protected] with topics and/ or people you want to hear more about.