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June 17th, 2024

10 questions for…

… Anna Larsson, Nordic Marketing & Communication Manager at BE WTR

Anna Larsson (left) at ÖTILLÖ Utö 2024

 1. Describe your background and your role at BE WTR.

I worked as a chef for 9 years in restaurants such as Adam & Albin, Sture Hof, and Griffins Steakhouse in Stockholm. What I loved about being a chef was the creativity with food and flavors and I also had the honor to work close to our guests. But I wanted even more interaction with people and at the same time encourage my creative vein. I decided to study marketing & communication, with a focus on entrepreneurship for 3 years. After that, Emilia found me and asked if I was interested in working with BE WTR. The answer was simple with such a good match. I had the benefit of my former career and at the same time work with a brand that focuses on high-end restaurants and sustainability. Today I work as a Nordic Marketing and Communication manager, with a focus on gastronomy and our sustainability projects.

As a former Michelin Star chef, what do you think about BE WTR's role in high-end gastronomy and its impact on the culinary world?

I think BE WTR really can change the whole gastronomy and hotel world. Both with our amazing new BIG innovation and our AQTiV+ carafe. BIG is an automatic bottling solution operated by BE WTR. We filter and seal your local water, no matter the quality we make it super tasty and at the same time provide a sustainable bottle solution. No more single-use plastic bottles that have traveled around the whole world. Perfect for large venues, restaurants, and hotels. And AQTiV+ is an innovation that lies close to my heart. Imagine a water that opens up your taste buds and makes, for example, a sour green lemon to taste like it is mature in sunny Spain. A smooth and round taste, but the lemon still has its unique characteristic acidity, that is AQTiV+. All due to a copper resonator that activates the water and makes it come alive. I know it sounds like magic but it’s science and hard work behind it. Maybe a bit of magic.

3. Can you tell us more about the story and mission of BE WTR?

BE WTR was founded by Mike Hecker. A Swiss businessman who, among other things, started Nespresso Professional in the Nordics and built up the water company Eden Springs. He saw a gap in the water market, the planet is dying and no one focused on sustainability. So he bought Vattentornet and rebranded it to BE WTR. He built a water brand focusing on filtering your local tap water, removing impurities (like microplastic and rust), and making sure you can skip the single-use plastic bottles that travel all over the world. Less waste, less transport, and much better for the environment! And on top of that, the best water I have tasted. We also work with 1% for the planet with water-related projects in every market. That means we, every year, give 1% of our revenue to the projects we carefully have selected.

4. How does BE WTR's involvement in prestigious culinary events like Bocuse d'Or and Sirha Food events align with the company's mission and values?

Our mission is to change the world to a more sustainable place. And to find the pioneers, you need to be where they are. One step is to introduce BE WTR to Michelin chefs. The chefs are part of the consumer’s demand. They need to be the leaders and show the way, eventually the consumers will follow. As I mentioned before, we also want to introduce our fantastic innovation AQTiV +. The whole jury is enjoying AQTiV+ together with the contestants' contributions. Since the resonator stimulates the water molecules, it creates silkier water and the amazing food you eat, will taste even more.

5. What are some of the key achievements of BE WTR so far?

In 2023 we saved the world from 27 million single-use plastic bottles across 8 countries, resulting in the reduction of 7,274 tonnes of CO2 emission. To put this in perspective, it is the CO2 amount of around 9,000 flights between Paris and New York, or the weight of 1,322 elephants! That is a lot and it really makes a difference to climate change

6. Can you describe a successful project that BE WTR has implemented?

I must say we have many! But one I think is amazing – we installed a BIG 1500 in Hotel Mina Seyahi in Dubai. That results in a saving of 1,5 million single-use plastic bottles for them and the world every year! That is something to be proud of!

7. How does BE WTR address the issue of microplastics in water?

For every year that goes, this question becomes more and more relevant. Today it is around 150 million tonnes of plastic that floats around in our oceans (source Naturvårdsverket). Our oceans are dying and researchers have found microplastics in our blood. We do not know yet how microplastic affects us, I don’t know about you, but I do not want any microplastic in my blood.

8. How does the future look like for BE WTR, what is the next step?

In 2024 we will launch an amazing innovation called BE CONNECT. It is a smart filter head that will help our clients save even more energy than before. The filter will, among other things, provide data about the client’s water consumption and carbon footprint. Super cool so stay tuned!

9. What are your goals for BE WTR's partnerships with ÖTILLÖ and other sustainability-focused organizations?

We want to partner up with organizations that love the water as much as we do! We think our collaboration is a true love match, and we absolutely love working with you. And as I mentioned, we also have a partnership with 1% for the Planet. Through them, we support local water-related projects in every market. We donate money but the funniest part, we work hands-on every year in the projects. In Sweden, we work with the amazing Initativ Utö. They work to restore the wetlands at Utö, so Pike and Perch can start thriving in the Baltic Sea again. You should check them out!

10. Have you done a swimrun yourself?

I have not YET, but I really want to! The energy and team spirit encourages me every time we serve our water drinks at your amazing event. Would be fun to see it from the other side. I’m a terrible swimmer, so I plan to participate next year. Then I have time to practice 😊