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Total distance

69 800m

Swim distance

9 155m

Run distance

60 645

Avg. air temp

17° C

Avg. water temp

19° C

Race Details

The start at Sandhamn is mythical and the finish at Utö Värdshus on Utö is like coming to Nirvana. There are spectator spots and food stations at some well-known restaurants on the islands along the way. There are safety boats, medical staff and race marshalls on the course to try to guarantee everyones safety.

To finish the ÖTILLÖ course before dusk, the competitors must be very fit and they must be very fast in and out of the water as there are 46 transitions. The teams swim between the 24 islands and run over them. The total distance is 70 kilometres of which 9 km are open-water swimming and 61 km are trail-running.


At the beginning of 2024, every athlete in the ranking has the chance to apply with a team partner of their choice. We will add all accumulated points of both partners and create an ÖTILLÖ qualification list, which will be the basis for the invitation to participate at ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship 2024.

FeeFrom February 3, 20242 000 EUR

Included in the overall package are:

Welcome Fika at Djurönäset
Pre-race hotel double room (1 per team) with breakfast and dinner in Djurönäset from Sunday to Monday
Post-race hotel double room (1 per team) with breakfast and dinner at Utö from Monday to Tuesday OR free ÖTILLÖ ferry from Utö Gruvbryggan to Årsta Brygga with bus that connects to Stockholm C on Monday night
Free ÖTILLÖ ferry from Utö Gruvbryggan to Stockholm Skeppsbron on Tuesday morning
Free ÖTILLÖ ferry from Djurönäset to the start at Sandhamn on Monday morning
Live timing and live tracking
Safety concept with more than 30 safety boats for all swim sections equipped with lifeguards and rescue gear
9 energy stations on-course
Changing rooms, showers, toilets and sauna for free use at the finish area
After race dinner and drinks at Utö Värdshus
Welcome kit including Starter shirt, swim cap & bib
Free photos
Bag drop-off including bag transport from Sandhamn to Utö
Medical care on-course and at the finish line
Sponsor village with ÖTILLÖ Merchandising area in Djurönäset and Utö
Extensive measures to continually improve the sustainability of the event.

Prize Money

RankPrize Money (per Team Men/ Women/ Mixed)*
#1EUR 2.000
#2EUR 1.000
#3EUR 500
*less witholding tax if applicable. To be paid out in SEK if required by law and at the respective exchange rate on 2 September 2024.

World Championship Course

Total distance in meters: 69 800m
24 runs
23 swims
13% swimming

Interactive Map



(Local time) Last day to make changes for ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship. Changes must be sent to [email protected].


Buses leave Stockholm Cityterminalen


Buses arrive Djurönäset

15:00 – 16:00

Hotel check-in opens outside the main hotel entry

15:00- 16:15

Registration – House 7 Djurönäset


Coffee & cake in the bar area behind reception


MANDATORY Race meeting in the big, conference room to the left of the reception – Djurönäset

18:00 – 19:00

Dinner teams: bibs 301 – 330, 201-250, 81-100

19:00 – 20:00

Dinner teams: bibs 1-80

20:00 – 21:00

Dinner Teams: all others


Breakfast opens


Start loading ferries


Ferry leaves from Djurönäset to the Start at Sandhamn – bring all your belongings


Bags on ferry at Sandhamn


Racers ready at start line




Race cut-off at Time 4 – Styrsvik


Race cut-off at Time 8 – Nämdö Solvik


First teams across the finish line


Race cut-off at Time 11 – Mörtö Bunsö


Race cut-off at Time 13 – Kymmendö

15:30 – 23:00

Post race banquet at Utö Värdshus


Race cut-off at Time 15 – Ängsholmen


Last teams across the finish line


Prize giving


Monday Night ferry and bus to Stockholm City


Breakfast at Utö Värdshus


Ferry from Utö Gruvbryggan to Skeppsbron, which is in the centre of Stockholm 


Arrival of the ferry at Skeppsbron

Start List


Travel to the start hotel

On September 1st we have chartered buses to take you to Djurönäset where all teams register and sleep the night before the race.
The buses leave at 14:15 CET from the Stockholm Central bus station Cityterminalen. In the bus station you will find ÖTILLÖ on the departure board to be able to find the berth that they leave from.
The buses are only for racers and for those who have bought Spectator packages.
Make sure that you are on time. The buses can be loaded from 14:00 and will not wait.

Return to Stockholm

There are two different chartered ferries to return with; Monday evening at 21:30 to Årsta brygga where buses awaits to take you to Stockholm C or Tuesday morning at 09:00 to Skeppsbron, which is in the centre of Stockholm (ferry takes 3 hours).
See more information under “Chartered ferries” below.

In your race fee the accommodation is included for the start hotel, Sunday night at Djurönäset and the finish hotel at Utö. Two dinners and two breakfasts are also included. When you arrive at Djurönäset you can get your room key in the reception.

On Sunday night before the race you will share a room with your race partner at Djurönäset.

On Monday night at Utö we will provide a bed for you. This means that you can be sharing a room or an apartment with other racers. There are no other options than this. So please respect the space you are provided with. If this is not ok you have the free option of taking the Monday night ferry at 21:30 back to the mainland and the connecting bus to Stockholm.

The race bib distribution will be at Djurönäset on Sunday, September 1st 15:00-16:15. There will be signs to guide you when you arrive.

Before the race, you will receive an email with your personal QR-Code. Please have your QR-Code and your ID ready to show at registration and to get your start pack.

Both team members need to come to the bib distribution together. For a smoother process, please look up your start number before picking up your Start pack. If you plan to race with fins you need to bring these so that we can verify that they are in line with the rules.

The race briefing is mandatory for all racers. It will be held on Sunday, September 1st at 5 pm in the Congress Hall next to the reception at Djurönäset. Make sure you are there a couple of minutes ahead as we will start at 5 pm sharp.


Before start we will randomly select teams and solo racers for a check of the mandatory equipment. If the athletes are missing any of the equipment required, they will not be allowed to start.

We will have energy (salty and sweet) and liquid stations along the course as marked in the course maps and in the Times & Distance documents.

We will serve…

+ products of our official partner Umara

Sports drink: U Sport in lemon flavor

Bars: U Bar, a gluten free energy bar in assorted flavors

Gels: U Gel in assorted flavors

+ fruits and snacks at the energy stations.

+ water and if cold weather we will also provide warm liquid.

We will publish a detailed plan of the energy stations approx. 3 weeks before the event.

If you bring your own gels, than please carry it in your wetsuit. Do not throw the wrappers on the ground, leave it in the garbage cans at the energy stations.

We only have paper cups at the first energy station, use your collapsible cup or soft flask to drink from at all other stations.

Energy Schedule

See below schedule with details about the products at each station.

Energy Schedule 2024 (tba)

ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship has five (5) cut offs:

  • Time 4 at 09:00
  • Time 8 at 11:15
  • Time 11 at 14:00
  • Time 13 at 15:30
  • Time 15 at 18:00

These are for your safety and for the safety of the organisation. Please respect these and our staff if you get taken off. You will not finish before dark unless you manage the times.

Media Information
Under the following link we have compiled extensive information about ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship.
Race coverage
We will have all our feeds on our LIVE page. Find it here.
Facebook Live
On September 2nd, between 05:45 – 18:20 we will have an in-depth LIVE coverage on our facebook. Please share with your friends and family.
Social Media
You will find great updates in our social media channels.
You, your friends and your families can follow here:
We will use the hashtag #otillo. Please do too.

If you have any newspapers, magazines or media contacts that want to write about our race please contact Media and we will provide you with all PR with text, images and news cuts.

After the race you will find images of your racing that you are free to share on our flickr page and you will find the Official video one week after the race on our Youtube and Facebook page.

If you want to share your training and race data we would love to look at it on our Strava.

As you realize we cannot predict weather. Over the last two years we have had both extremes. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

If you want to check the weather conditions in real time you can find the info here. Note: the Utö water temperature will be similar to the Sandhamn water temperature.

Like everywhere we can have wind, rain and un-seasonably cold. Make sure you bring clothes to handle this.

Salt water. The water in the Baltic has very low salinity. Some teams will even race without swim goggles.

The Spectator package is the only way that you will be able to take part of a majority of what the participants go through during the race.
The cost of the Spectator package is 900 EUR per person and below is what is included:

Sunday, September 1st

+ 2:15 pm bus from Stockholm City to Hotel Djurönäset together with the racers.

+ Upon arrival you will be able to take part in the whole racer check-in experience and see the race briefing at 5 pm.

+ Dinner and hotel accommodation (twin room occupancy) at Hotel Djurönäset.


Monday, September 2nd

+ Early breakfast and lunch bag pickup at Djurönäset.

+ Boat transport to the start together with the racers.

+ Watch the start at Sandhamn.

+ Ferry transport along the course to see part of the race.

+ Drop off on the island of Utö at 1 pm to see all the teams finish.

+ Dinner together with the racers at Utö Värdshus.

+ Dormitory- style accommodation at Utö Värdshus.

+ Optional ferry and bus transport to Stockholm C.


Tuesday, September 3rd

+ Breakfast at Utö Värdshus.

+ Ferry to Skeppsbron, which is in the centre of Stockholm.


Please find the Spectator package Guide from 2023 here. The 2024 Guide will be updated soon.

Please sign up here, spots are limited.


There are two different chartered ferries to return to Stockholm with. One is on Monday evening at 21:30 from Utö, to a waiting bus at Årsta Brygga, which will take you to Stockholm City Terminal with an arrival time at about 23:30 on Monday night.

The second option is on Tuesday morning at 09:00 to Skeppsbron, which is in the centre of Stockholm at around 12:00.

For friends and family, the Monday night ferry needs to be booked no later than Friday August 30th to be guaranteed a spot. It is of course free for you as a racer.

The Tuesday morning ferry does not need to be booked.

If you want to watch the finish at Utö on Monday you can take the regular ferry to and from Utö. The last regular ferry leaves Utö at 16:35. If you want to stay longer to watch all racers finish and the prize giving you can choose to take the Monday night ferry and bus back to Stockholm C at 21:30 in the evening.

The cost of the ferry and bus is 300 SEK and you can buy your travel ticket in the reception at Utö Värdshus. Please buy your ticket when you arrive Utö.

NOTE: You may not assist any teams unless if it is a medical emergency. Any other assistance will result in disqualification of the team.