ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Weekend Engadin

The Alpine Swimrun Race
July 6-7, 2019

The race that started the international Swimrun movement. A unique race in a unique place, hosted in the fantastic Engadin Valley in Switzerland.

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Nadja Odenhage
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About ÖTILLÖ Swimrun weekend Engadin

2018 is our 5th anniversary. ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin is a challenging yet beautiful race. The varied course, the water temperature and the very strong group of participants will challenge everyone to put in their best performances.

The race course is beautiful and quite challenging. The start is in Maloja and finish is by the lake in Silvaplana. The course passes Sils and Silvaplana along the way. The running sections are very varied, it is on dirt roads, single tracks, rocks and with some challenging steep sections to climb. Those who will manage the whole course will have a magical experience. We have cut-offs along the course for safety reasons. These will be enforced to 100%.

The swim sections are awesome. Swimming down an alpine valley is something else. However, the water is quite cold, 11 – 14 degrees C which can be quite a difference with the outside temperature if the weather is good. Any wind and waves will only be down- wind and fun, the high altitude lakes are magical. ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin will be won by the team that manages to handle the temperature differences, the vertical gain on the runs and the transitions between running and swimming. There are several energy stations along the course.

The race course is approximately 46,5 km long of which 40,5 km are trail running and 5,9 km are open-water swimming. There are a total of 8 swims of which the longest is 1 400 meters. The total vertical gain is 1 570 meters and the highest swim is at 1 900 meters.

The summer weather in the Engadin can vary as it is in the mountains. The lowest elevation of the race is 1 780 metres. The teams have to be ready for warm air temperatures and cold swims at the same time as it could be stormy and cold. Make sure you bring clothes for all weather conditions. This course is very tough and will test the metal in all the racers.

Race map - ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin 2018

Course details
  • Total race distance 46 505 m
  • Trail-running 40 580 m
  • Swimming 5 925 m
  • Swim sections 8
  • Longest swim 1 400 m
  • Longest run 8 400 m
  • Total elevation 1 570 m

  • Entry fee €420

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The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint Engadin will be in Silvaplana and follow some sections of the World Series event before looping back to the finish. A total distance of 17 km, with a minimum of 5 runs and 4 swims. No swim will be longer than 830 metres and all swims are protected. The total vertical gain is just shy of 200 metres. The runs are beautiful; some on trail, some uphill and some with a lot of people around.

Race map - ÖTILLÖ Sprint Engadin 2018

Course details
  • Total race distance 16 885 m
  • Trail-running 14 200 m
  • Swimming 2 685 m
  • Swim sections 4
  • Longest swim 830 m
  • Longest run 6 470 m
  • Total elevation gain 170 m

  • Entry fee €150

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Friday, July 5th, 2019
17:00#cleantheocean activity, one hour joint trash search and collect from Race tents
Saturday, July 6th, 2019
08:30Race briefing and registration ÖTILLÖ Sprint Engadin, Mulets Sport centre, Silvaplana
10:00Start ÖTILLÖ Sprint Engadin, Mulets Sport centre, Silvaplana
12:30First teams expected to finish
13:30Prize giving ÖTILLÖ Sprint Engadin, Mulets Sport centre, Silvaplana
14:00-17:00Race bib distribution, Mulets Sports centre, Silvaplana
17:00MANDATORY Race briefing ÖTILLÖ Engadin 2018 for all racers, Mulets Sport centre, Silvaplana
Sunday, July 7th, 2019
06:45Buses starts at Nira Alpina Surlej towards Silvaplana Main street
07:00Buses leave from Silvaplana Main street for the start line. RACERS ONLY
08:00Start ÖTILLÖ Engadin, Maloja
10:30Cut-off Time 3
13:15First teams expected to finish
14:20Cut-off Time 7
16:00-20:00Race banquet, Mulets Sport centre, Silvaplana
17:45Last team across the finish line
19:00Prize giving ÖTILLÖ Engadin, Mulets Sport centre, Silvaplana
International partners
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  • Campz Addnature
  • Garmin
  • Vivo Barefoot
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