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December 11th, 2023

Why Swimrun?

Swimrun is a sport where participants alternate between running and swimming through a natural environment, we give you 5 Reasons why you should Swimrun.

Why Swimrun?

We give you 5 Reasons why you should Swimrun

Swimrun is a sport where participants alternate between running and swimming through a natural environment. It is traditionally practiced in teams of two. Races are mentally and physically challenging and involve multiple transitions between land and water, covering various distances across different terrains from mountain trails to sandy or rocky coastline, through lakes and oceans with strong currents. You run in your wetsuit and swim with your shoes on. Swimrun is about enjoying nature in its purest form, and it presents a liberating experience in contrast to our digital daily lives. ÖTILLÖ wants to provide you with five reasons why you should sign up for a Swimrun rather than an ordinary running race.

1. Fun
When we schedule free time, the focus should be on having fun. Pleasurable activities release dopamine and counteract stress. ÖTILLÖ is about team spirit. Having fun with our team partner or the close-knit Swimrun community gives us the opportunity to connect and create bonds with others. The atmosphere in the very welcoming community provides all participants with an experience of a lifetime.

2. Adventure
We live in a world where we always have access to everything we need. Yet, we seek adventure and want to reconnect with nature. ÖTILLÖ leads us from the pavement to stunning nature that lets us appreciate our environment more than consumable goods. That is why Swimrun is an antithesis of our ordinary lives that makes us forget everyday stress and leaves us with an exciting and memorable adventure.

3. Health
One of the most meaningful arguments to start the sport of Swimrun is our health. The combination of swimming and running demands all muscle groups and challenges our cardiovascular system. However, Swimrun not only offers a full body workout, but also releases endorphins and serotonin that benefit our mental health. Switching between open-water swimming and technical trail running in ever-changing environments requires focus and keeps our mind occupied. This helps us to live in the moment, reduce distractions, and improve concentration.

4. Sustainability
Our time is limited, and we want to use it wisely. That is why we care about the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. ÖTILLÖ is trying to create a positive impact by continually improving the sustainability of the events. The goal is to maximize your social benefit, to minimize our environmental impact, and contribute to development of our destinations.

5. Equality
You have read the first four reasons and have concluded that Swimrun would be a fun adventure, but you are simply not fit enough? Think again – Swimrun is for everyone. ÖTILLÖ offers races in different distances and for all ages. Newcomers are welcome to start in the Experience category, where the focus is on participation and exposure to a new challenge, without expectations. The Sprint category offers a middle distance for athletes that want to race fast or like to explore. And for whoever seeks a day full of adventure, the World Series category offers the full package. All distances can be conquered as a solo racer or with a partner. The equality of Swimrun is what makes it special. Different to other sports, in Swimrun all participants start together and complete the same distance no matter the age or gender.