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May 24th, 2021



The Swimrun Trail

Over the past couple of years our friends on Utö have built a fantastic trail for walking and running around Northern Utö and also one around Ålö to the South. The trail is called Utö Trail and it has yellow/blue markings. It is one of the most varied trailruns around.

The idea came quickly to set up a Swimrun course along it too since the origins to Swimrun was hatched late night in the bar on Utö (and we originate from that bet). It is now reality.

Utö Swimrun Trail

This fixed course follows the yellow/blue markings of the Utö Trail around the North end of Utö. The course is counter-clockwise and it has seven (7) protected swims along the way. The total distance is a little more than 15 km, of which the total swimming distance is 2105 metres. The longest swim is 495 metres. The first and last swims are the longest. At the moment the swims are only marked “digitally” in the GPX file. During the course of the summer the swim sections will be physically marked too.


Together with Garmin we have created a challenge for you with the purpose to get out there and to enjoy this magical course. Download the GPX file and do the course. Upload your swimrun adventure to Strava, tag it with #GarminUtoSwimrunChallenge and see how you do in the Strava segment created for this course.

In the end of August we will hand out some great prizes through random selection.

Have fun and be safe!