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April 27th, 2023

ÖTILLÖ Season Bibs 2023

New Color Code for the Bibs of the 2023 Season

We have adjusted the season bibs for the upcoming season with the aim that the racers can better find their direct opponents. The colors for the different distances remain the same. The World Series participants wear a red bib & swim cap and follow the red signs on course, the Sprint participants wear an orange bib & swim cap and follow the orange signs on course, and the Experience participants wear a purple bib & swim cap and follow the purple signs on course. The difference is that a colorful chest stripe now indicates the category.

Color code of the chest stripe:

You can find the designs of the ÖTILLÖ Season Bibs 2023 in the attached document: Season Bibs 2023
For the Experience distance, we do not differentiate between the categories because the Experience is supposed to be more of a fun than a competitive event.

Please note that the bibs for ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship 2023 remain the same as in the past (Men = Red / Mixed = Green / Women = Orange).