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September 6th, 2021



Keeping up an incredible pace for the entire 75km long course in the Stockholm archipelago the winners of the men’s and mixed categories beat the previous course records from 2018 at ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship. In the women’s category it was tight, the winning team was 4 minutes off beating the record as well.

The strong duo Oscar Olsson (SWE) and Adriel Young (AUS) took an early lead and managed to pull away from second and third placed teams, Swedes Fredrik Axegård/Lars Ekman and French team Hugo Tormento/Matthieu Poullain, and gave us a race to remember. The leaders kept their pace a few minutes ahead all the way to the finish line and won the 15th edition with ÖTILLÖ’s fastest time ever: 7h 38min 43secs, a nerve-racking 42 seconds faster than the previous course record from 2018!

Our dream was to beat the previous course record, but in 2018 the water was flat and it was warmer. Today the conditions were much tougher. It was colder and the water was bumpy. We managed to stick to our plan, to take the lead early and stay in front and it paid off. It’s amazing that we managed to beat the record“, said Australian Adriel Young, exhausted but overwhelmed at the finish line.

First mixed team Desirée Andersson (Women’s Swimrun World Champion 2019) and Victor Dahl (SWE) performed a fantastic race, fighting at the top against the male and mixed teams. In mid-course they passed several teams and finished fourth overall with the incredible time 8h 14min 57sec, which is one minute and 18 seconds faster than the previous course record.

In the women’s category, veteran and former World Champion Kristin Larsson and Helena Sivertsson were leading the race from start to finish, but with second Evelina Järvinen/Therese Bergling and third team Anna Hellström/Jenny Ramstedt always close behind. The winners were just four minutes short of beating the course record.

The competitors tackled 65 km of trail running and 10km of open water swimming over and between 24 islands in the stunning Stockholm archipelago. ÖTILLÖ is long and it is painful, but racing with the elements of nature is a unique experience. As a competitor you need to be well prepared, race it wisely with your teammate to excel and find a pace that will take you all the way to the finish line, making the cut-offs before dark.

You can find the complete results list at:

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