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January 11th, 2024

10 questions for…

…Matts Prozth, ÖTILLÖ Head of Logistics.

MATTS PROZTH, ÖTILLÖ Head of Logistics

…MATTS PROZTH, ÖTILLÖ Head of Logistics

 1. You started working for ÖTILLÖ after you retired. What did you do before and why did you decide to join ÖTILLÖ?

When I retired from the Swedish Army, I had the goal to not get involved in too many different things and only do activities that I think are fun to do. So, I trained and worked a lot with my horses when I saw that ÖTILLÖ was looking for a Logistics Assistant. Since I had been a volunteer for many years at ÖTILLÖ Utö, participated in a sprint myself (when the sprint was more of an experience), and I liked the mentality and atmosphere at the competitions, it seemed like a fun part-time job in the summer half. I have now been part of the ÖTILLÖ Team for two seasons and do not regret that I started.

2. What are your main tasks at ÖTILLÖ?

I am a bit of a janitor at the warehouse in Enköping. I load the competition equipment, drive the truck, set up and pack up the competition area as well as store the equipment back in the storage after the races. I help with all logistic tasks such as preparing the energy stations or the registration, marking the course or support wherever I am needed. I do this with Anni and Toni but everyone else helps when needed. In addition, I am part of the Headquarter (HQ) as support for the competition leader at our Swedish competitions.

3. What is your task in the ÖTILLÖ race headquarters?

Check that everything and everyone is in place before the start and that safety boats, energy stations, and timing are working and regroup according to plan to the correct place throughout the race. We also act as a contact center and problem solver for logistics matters and competition leaders.


4. What are the main tasks in the storage throughout the year?

Check mail, receive shipments, and keep as good of an order as possible. Before each event, I load all equipment needed into the truck and clean it up afterwards.

5. How do you make sure that you pack all the material needed for an event?

Anni makes a packing list that we follow but we use common sense and the experiences we have and in consultation with Anni add and subtract.

6. What do you do on long truck drives to keep yourself busy and awake?

Listening to music and podcasts or talking to Toni. When I drove alone to the Engadin and had trouble focusing, I put on Rammstein and sang as loud as I could. Believe it or not, it helped.

7. What is the best part about being part of the ÖTILLÖ crew?

We always have fun, and everyone works in the same direction towards the same goals: Offer the best event possible. With such different personalities on our team, there always are interesting conversations and creative solutions.

8. Which is your favorite ÖTILLÖ event?

I really have a hard time choosing a place, because they all have their own charm, but the Engadin valley is a great place to have a competition.

9. What do you like most about the Swimrun community?

All the amazing people I meet, especially those in the competition team, where the mentality is, as the skier Gunde Svan has said:

Nothing is impossible!

10. Will you be part of ÖTILLÖ next season?

Absolutely, wouldn’t want to miss it for anything else in the world.