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February 5th, 2024

10 questions for…

… Martina Himma, ÖTILLÖ Social Media

Martina Himma

 1. Who are you?

My name is Martina Himma. I am an Estonian who moved to Switzerland to take on life in the mountains.

2. What is your role at ÖTILLÖ?

I take care of ÖTILLÖ’s social media.

3. How did you find out about ÖTILLÖ?

I found out about swimrun and ÖTILLÖ through my good friend Anni, who has worked for ÖTILLÖ for about 3 years already.

4. What is your sports background?

My background is in winter sports, more specifically in cross country skiing. I used to race from when I was a kid up until my early 20s.

5. Have you done a Swimrun?

I have done swimming (recreationally) and running, but I am still short of doing those 2 sports together as one. Seems like a real challenge to put it all together as I am not really a good swimmer.

6. What do you like about ÖTILLÖ?

The mindset – the closeness of nature in this sport and the importance of sustainability to the ÖTILLÖ brand. Not to forget the friendly & hard-working team who runs ÖTILLÖ. It’s very fun to work towards something together with such motivated people. And lastly, the swimrun community who attends ÖTILLÖ events. Swimrun is just joy and everybody who I have met at the events has confirmed that.

7. Looking at your Instagram, you have travelled to some cool places, any recommendations?

That is a hard one – so I give 2 recommendations.
Last year I was on a ski trip in the Himalayan mountains in India. I think everybody who is used to the western culture should visit that country. It was a real culture shock but it really helped put the privileges that we take for granted here into perspective. The people are also very friendly and the food is top!

And another recommendation is Switzerland – so happy to call it my (2nd) home. Every nature lover should have it in their bucket list as the Alps here take my breath away, even after having lived here for over 5 years.

8. Which is your favorite ÖTILLÖ event?

It has to be the World Championship! It’ just so special! Never felt that kind of excitement in the air like that morning on the ferry towards the start. I was just blown away by all the athletes and their ability to keep smiling through this strenuous race. So inspiring.

9. Your dream Swimrun partner?

It has to be somebody who can pull me on the swims as this is definitely not my strong suit. Any volunteers? 😀

10. Which ÖTILLÖ events will we see you at this year?

Definitely in Engadin, World Championship and Cannes. The list is not yet final though.