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In the process to get more transparent in our selection process for ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship we have created a Ranking system. Only teams registered in the Swimrun Ranking system will be able to take part in the Random Ticket Selection for ÖTILLÖ 2017 and beyond. We want to give the athletes who are involved in the sport a chance to get in on anything else than merits and performance. All the races listed on the Races page will generate points, no matter where you finish.

2016 is a trial year where we will see how the ranking is in relationship to which teams we think are the best. For 2017 we might do some adjustments. We have spent a lot of time on this system to make it as fair as possible.

The points are distributed based on the following criteria:

  • The system is built using inverse property
  • The more you race in ÖTILLÖ merit races the more points you get
  • If you change partner, you are a new team
  • 40% of the points are based on your overall result in the race. No matter which class you are in
  • 60% of the points are based on your time in relationship to the average time of all finishing teams. This means that teams finishing very close together get very similar “time points” in relationship to their position and vice versa i.e. performance driven
  • Races are weighted differently. ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship x 1, 5, ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series Races x 1,1 and ÖTILLÖ merit/ partner races x 1,0
  • You can sort the ranking either Overall / Men / Women / Mixed and soon also ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series.
  • Each individual has a personal indicator – this is not an individual ranking as it is only based on how well you choose your team mates.

At the moment races with few participants generate more points per placement. This will most likely even itself out when the Point generating races fill out. It is impossible to do this in an other manner.

See current standings

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  • Mike

    I wish to register for the Otillo ranking system, however when asked for my teammate swimrun ID we are unable to locate this.

    My team is Cali-Coed. Myself, Mike Schiepke and teammate Liza Dunham (unable to find swimrun ID number)

    Can you help us in finding her ID no. so we can register our team in the ranking system?

    Thank you,

    Mike Schiepke

    • Michael Lemmel

      Hello. Please ask for a new password and try again.Maybe Liza has registered under another email?
      If that does not work email
      Thank you.

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