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The ÖTILLÖ World Series race on Malta has an aura from 2019 of being a very challenging race. This 2021 edition did not break that mold.

A race day with wind, waves and overcast weather set the stage for a very tough race for the front of the pack in all three categories. All favorites managed to walk away with wins in each category.

This last race of the season saw the Swedish/ Australian duo – Hugo Tormento (FRA) & World Champion Adriel Young (AUS) – Team ARK Swimrun –  pull away after about two hours to take the win in the World Series race, their winning time was 4:22:00. Winning seven minutes ahead of the Mixed World Champion Victor Dahl (SWE) racing together with Frenchman Alexis Charrier. In third place Alexandre Dumoulin & Alexis Kardes (FRA) finished in 4:39:45.

The mixed category saw the US team with Gregory Dierksen & Bronwen Price – Dierksen dominate the field, winning in 5:05:55. This was eight minutes ahead of Team Marks Real Estate – Therese Osteraas (NOR) & Martin Flinta (SWE). In third place Benjamin Soulie & Agnès Rozenberg (FRA) finished twelve minutes behind the mixed winners.

In the womens category the top ranked Ulrika Eriksson & Marika Wagner (SWE) did a great race and won in 5:16:12. They pulled away early to claim the victory, seven minutes ahead of the second team Helen Wikmar & Emma Wannberg (SWE) – Team ARKSouls Addnature. In third place, Josefine Jangvert & Lorraine Axegård (SWE) finished eleven minutes behind the winners.

The races during the weekend at ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Malta had close to 360 racers representing a total of 28 nationalities participating in the three different formats over the weekend. 

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1. Hugo Tormento (FRA) & Adriel Young (AUS) – ARK Swimrun
2. Victor Dahl (SWE) & Alexis Charrier (FRA) – Team Envol
3. Alexandre Dumoulin & Alexis Kardes (FRA) – Alex’s team Envol – Head Swimming

1. Gregory Dierksen & Bronwen Price Dierksen (USA) – Team Boston Wet Sox
2. Therese Osteraas (NOR) & Martin Flinta (SWE) – Team Marks Real Estate
3. Benjamin Soulie & Agnès Rozenberg (FRA) – Bananas Team

1. Ulrika Eriksson & Marika Wagner (SWE) – ARK Swimrun
2. Helen Wikmar & Emma Wannberg (SWE) – ARK Souls Addnature
3. Josefine Jangvert & Lorraine Axegård (SWE) – Team JoLo

Complete results list here:

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“We pushed hard and had a tough day on the challenging course where we never could relax throughout the day” said the happy but tired winners Hugo Tormento (FRA) & Adriel Young (AUS) – ARK Swimrun – after finishing as overall winners in 4:22:00

The ÖTILLÖ World Series course in Malta is 39 km long of which a little over 31 km are running and close to 7,5 km are swimming over 14 swims. The course started on the beach at Golden Bay and finished in the same place after a rollercoaster ride through beautiful landscape, lots of hills and some big swims. Not many racers expected the amount of up and down along the way.

The weather created a bit of a challenge for the racers with wind, some big swell on some swims and overcast weather. Air and water temperatures were around 22 degrees.

Several teams had to struggle to make it in time for the three cut offs. Some had to abandon along the way. The top teams pushed each other hard, chasing each other all the way to the finish.

80 teams of two and 24 solo racers representing 20 nations were registered to compete in the ÖTILLÖ World Series Malta, the second qualifier of the year for ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship 2022 in the Swedish archipelago. Only teams qualify for the World Championship.

The day prior to the race two shorter, more accessible races were organised, the ÖTILLÖ Sprint and ÖTILLÖ Experience, offering the same flavors as the longer, more challenging race but in a smaller format.

All race distances are open to teams of two and to solo racers.

Read more about the races here.

Read the whole story about ÖTILLÖ and Swimrun here.

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