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Are you interested in trying swimrun, yet don’t know where to start with your training? Try Nicholas Remires, head coach at Envol coachings free 12-week training program!

About Nicholas

Name: Nicolas Remires (FRA)
Age: 35
Home: Stockholm
Status: Married and a daughter
Day job: Personal Coach
Team name: Envol-Swimrunshop
Partner: Julian Dent
2017 GOAL: Win ÖTILLÖ, win every ÖTILLÖ qualifier that we do
Hours of training per week: 15-20
Swimrun words to live by: Friendship, teamwork and freedom
Instagram: Envolcoaching

In his own words: I created a 12-week swimrun training programme – which is free – because people were asking for it, and swimrun and life in general are about sharing experiences.

My job is to help people reach their physical goals through my company Envol Coaching – envol in French, by the way, means “take off”. So this 12-week training is a basic program to help people who are registered or who want to register for a big race like an ÖTILLÖ qualifier.

I’m trying to make people realise that this is the minimum they need to do to prepare for these kinds of races if they want to reach their objectives.

To the training program!

Are you interested in implementing all that great training by racing? We are more than happy to see you at one of our events, where members of Team Envol usually are present as well! If you are doing your first swimrun, try either one of our Experience races, or a sprint race. You can do them both as part of a team, or by yourself. Or, are you feeling that you are up for a challenge? Grab a friend and sign up to a full distance race!

Article first published in Swimrun Life Magazine Issue # 1 (Feb/Mar 2017)

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