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ÖTILLÖ was founded on the origin of of a crazy bet between 4 persons. These four, the Original 4 as we call them spent a late alcohol soaked evening challenging each other. What lasted was the bet of being the first pair to the Island of Sandhamn from the Island of Utö. Passing several restaurants on the way. It took them more than 26 hours.

Mats Skott and Michael Lemmel heard about their bet in late 2005 and were asked if they could turn it into a commercial event. The idea sounded so crazy that they were very intrigued to see if it actually was possible within daylight hours.

After some time, figuring out the best way they set out along the original course. After almost 8 hours they decided that it was possible. ÖTILLÖ was born. Since then the race has evolved, the race course is almost 90% the same as the original and it has grown to become a sport. The sport of Swimrun is exploding all over the world.

Tying back to the origin we are extremely proud to introduce our collaboration with Mr Green Sportsbook where we now can offer some fun betting on the ÖTILLÖ swimrun World Series, this opportunity is found on our ranking page and also directly here

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