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A paradise for Swimrun

The Swedish West Coast is a paradise for Swimrunners. From just South of Gothenburg and North to the Norwegian border the coast is riddled with islands, inlets and beautiful communities. Totally different from the East Coast which has a much wider archipelago and a completely different geography.

The islands on the Swedish West Coast are made of granite, some pink even, and there are very few trees. The many summer communities were from the beginning fishing communities where many of the buildings remain. The locals call it the frontside of Sweden.

It is a beautiful place to visit.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Gothenburg

The races will all be held on Saturday, August 7th. This is a first for us to host all races in one day. If you decide to come you will understand why. It is still the height of the summer season and the islands are very busy. It will be a race day to remember.

The race courses are in the archipelago around the bigger islands of Styrsö, Vrångö, Köpstadsö and Brännö. These islands in the Southern archipelago are only 15 minutes by ferry from the mainland and within 45 minutes from downtown Gothenburg. Accommodation is easiest to find in Gothenburg. We will shortly present a partner hotel where we will stay and where we will have social functions in the evening to celebrate summer and Swimrun (restrictions permitting).

The race “arena” is fantastic; the running is quite easy and fast, the swims are intense and not very long. You will weave in and out of small communities and through beautiful nature. It will be like a high-speed sightseeing race.

Training in the area

In Sweden you have the right to passage over most land (not military) if you respect the landowner and others in the area. While Swimrun training you need to be aware of local weather- and water conditions, you also have to be careful of boat and ferry traffic. We strongly suggest that you go to Gothenburg to train and also to the area of the race as it is always good to have first-hand knowledge about where you will race. On Styrsö we have some experienced ÖTILLÖ racers – Styrsö Ladies – contact them and see if you can go for a session with them and learn all the tips and tricks.

In the greater Gothenburg area there are lots of ÖTILLÖ racers who go on great swimrun adventures all the time. There is a facebook group where you can join in.

If you plan to go to ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Gothenburg and  the West coast, take a few days extra and check out the amazing places up North. The Koster islands is a personal favorite of ours.

Find out more about ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Gothenburg.

ÖTILLÖ Gothenburg World Series / Photo: Jakob Edholm

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