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A perfect day set the stage for a very tough race for the front of the pack. This fourth edition of ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Cannes saw the French/ Swedish duo – Hugo Tormento (FRA) & Max Andersson (SWE) – Team ARK Swimrun France –  pull away early to take the win in the World Series race after leading from the first hour, their winning time was 4:31:45.  Winning ahead of the World Champion Mixed team of Victor Dahl & Desirée Andersson who had a fantastic race! Victor & Desirée finished just ahead of the second mens team.

In the Mens category the podium teams were quite spread out.

The mixed category saw the World Champions take the start. They also pulled away with a fantastic win coming second overall. Victor Dahl & Desirée Andersson (SWE) – Team Envol – won with a time of 4:56:19. This was 10 minutes ahead of Team Envol Switzerland – Alexis Charrier (FRA) & Sabina Rapelli (SUI) who also came second at the World Championship in September. In third place Pierre-Louis Senechal & Angèle Duhem (FRA) finished 30 minutes behind the mixed winners.

The womens category saw the World Champions take the start. They also pulled away with a great win after a very tight race with the second team. Kristin Larsson & Helena Sivertsson (SWE) – ARK Swimrun – won with a time of 5:25:28. Only a minute and a half ahead of the second team Johanna Paulsson & Anna Hellström (SWE) – Team Envol Primalcoaching. They were so pleased at the finish line to have a tight race, pushing each other hard.

In third place – Team ARK Souls Addnature – Helen Wikmar & Evelina Järvinen (SWE) finished eight minutes after the winning womens team.

The races at ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Cannes had close to 500 racers representing a total of 24 nationalities participating in the three different formats over the weekend. 

More information about the race is found here.

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1. Hugo Tormento (FRA) & Max Andersson (SWE) – ARK Swimrun France
2. Maxime Picaut & William Even (FRA) – Will & Max
3. Benjamin Dupain & David Pesquet (FRA) – Team Surprise

1. Victor Dahl & Desirée Andersson (SWE) – Team Envol
2. Alexis Charrier (FRA) & Sabina Rapelli (SUI) – Team Envol Switzerland
3. Pierre-Louis Senechal & Angèle Duhem (FRA) – TC Weppes -Nu swimrun

1. Kristin Larsson & Helena Sivertsson (SWE) – ARK Swimrun
2. Johanna Paulsson & Anna Hellström (SWE) – Team Envol/ Primalcoaching
3. Helen Wikmar & Evelina Järvinen (SWE) – ARK Souls Addnature

Complete results list here:

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“We pushed hard from the beginning to make a big break which we managed to hold on to and build all the way on this beautiful and very challenging course” said the thrilled winners Hugo Tormento (FRA) & Max Andersson (SWE) – ARK Swimrun France – after finishing as overall winners in 4:31:45.

The big race of the day was for second place overall where the mixed team of Victor Dahl & Desirée Andersson – Team Envol managed to keep the second mens team behind them on the last swim. Beating them with just 20 seconds after almost five hours of racing.

The ÖTILLÖ World Series course in Cannes is 44 km long of which 36,1 km are running and 8,1 km are swimming. The course started in the medieval fort on the Sainte Marguerite Island and then takes the racers to the monastery island of Saint Honorat before returning to Sainte Marguerite, On the way across they swam over the underwater sculpture park. Then a big swim back to the mainland followed. There the course took the racers along La Croisette, up the big hill to La Croix des Gardes before turning back down through the Suquet and the Croisette again. From there the teams went up the brutal train track to the top of La Californie before finishing on the pier of Hotel Martinez in town. In total ten runs and ten swims.

The weather has been fantastic all weekend with barely any wind, around 20 degrees in the water and around the same in the air.

Several teams had to struggle to make it in time for the three cut offs. Some had to abandon along the way. The top teams outside of the winners pushed each other hard, chasing each other in a tight groups all the way to the finish.

96 teams of two and 22 solo racers representing 15 nations were registered to compete in the ÖTILLÖ World Series Cannes, the first qualifier of the year for ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship 2022 in the Swedish archipelago. Only teams qualify for the World Championship.

The day prior to the race two shorter, more accessible races were organised, the ÖTILLÖ Sprint and ÖTILLÖ Experience, offering the same flavours as the longer, more challenging race but in a smaller format.

All race distances are open to teams of two and to solo racers.

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