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In 2016 Team Swimrunart Odenwald showed up at one of our races.

Sebastian Bleitgen and Frank Mertins brought smiles, fast swimming, a humble, friendly attitude and friendship. You could see that they loved the competitive side of the racing as much as being part of the community. For the ...past four years they have supported us with great racing, good feedback and friendship. We have shared the swimrun spirit together.

Last week, on Wednesday Sebastian fell and tragically passed away in an accident in the Swiss Alps.

We cannot take anything for granted. We are blessed with fitness and with health but it does not protect us from everything.

Next time you are out swimrunning or training in nature stop for a second or two and think of how fortunate we are, send a thought to Sebastian, to Frank and to Sebastian’s family. Cherish the moment and live life to the hilt.

We send our love and our spirit to Sebastian. You will be greatly missed. RIP.

We send our love and spirit to Frank. We are sorry for your loss and hope to share memories with you soon again.

We send our love and spirit to Sebastian’s family. He was a great man and our heart bleeds for you.

With memories we keep our dead alive.

Michael, Mats and the ÖTILLÖ team

ÖTILLÖ Malta should have been this weekend. Who can forget the epic Malta in 2019? The good thing with Covid is that we have had the possibility to change our calendar around for coming years. Something we would not have done without the pandemic. Now Malta will be the start of the season in the ...end of April, a dry month. Catalina will be in the end of November, also a dry month with warmer water temps. We cannot wait to get started again. How about you? What do you miss? #otillo #swimrun #otillomalta #epic #waves

Swimrun is a new discipline. It is not Swim Run. It is where we become amphibious, where we move seamlessly between land and water. It is a state of mind where we always find a way past all obstacles put in our way. It is an emotion of sharing something bigger. It is a connection with nature. It is... simple as it is constant movement. Try it, you might like it! #swimrun #otillo #theoriginal #cleantheocean

With freedom to roam! We come in all shapes, sizes and forms. We are united in our quest to feel the connection with nature, to feel the metallic taste of lactic acid in the mouth and to feel our blood pumping. We are swimrunners. We are ÖTILLÖ! #otillo #swimrun #keepthedreamalive #weareotillo ...#weareswimrunners #cleantheocean

Dreaming of the Isles of Scilly! This year we did not have the chance to visit this unique swimrun paradise but we will for sure be back! What are you dreaming of? #otillo #swimrun #otillodreams #islesofscilly #paradise

When we cannot see the way because of all the obstacles in the way we need to stick to our instincts, trust them and forge forward. There is a path out. What do you do to stay motivated? Swimrun helps us to set objectives, to find purpose and to come out better and stronger. Thank you for the ...inspiration! #otillo #swimrun #motivation #inspiration

The next finish line might be far away but keeping it in mind will help you get there faster. What finish line are you dreaming of? #otillo #swimrun #keepdreamsalive #motivation #cleantheocean #finishline

The energy of mornings. Emma, our logistics manager has moved out to Utö for the winter months. Who says the swimrun season is over? Post images and tag #otillo so we can see and share!
#swimrun #otillo #morning #cleantheocean #utö

WHAT IS IT WE KEEP FIGHTING FOR? The freedom to choose where and when we want to do what. The freedom to push ourselves as far as we want. The freedom of running wild in nature. The freedom to live! #swimrun #otillo #freedomofchoice #cleantheocean #freedom #nature