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To qualify to ÖTILLÖ, The swimrun World Championship might be the goal of many swimrunners. Another is to have special race experiences with a friend in special places. To create emotional bonds and memories. We work with great races around the world which we call ÖTILLÖ MERIT RACES. These ...races are beacons of light, they create great race experiences and in one of their races you can collect ranking points (swimrunranking.com) towards qualifying for the World Championship. Check them out! @swimrunlakejames @swimrunman @troll_enez_swimrun @borasswimrun @stockholmswimrun @jonkopingswimrun @swimrun_cotevermeille @amfibiemannen @swimrun_bologna @rockmanswimrun @odysseyswimrun @aquaman_swimrun @folkhalsanswimrun @epic_landus_swimrun @swimrunnc #otillo #swimrun #otillomeritrace #experience #nature #run #swim

Bravo @svorientering för väldigt bra kommentar om motionslopp. Hoppas @mikaeldamberg @amandalind_ läser detta! Start, mål och bana är ej samma sak! https://www.svenskorientering.se/globalassets/svenska-orienteringsforbundet/remissvar---andringar-i-begransningsforordningen-s2021_01524.pdf


ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Cannes in 2020 was one of the races we could do following a strict Covid 19 protocol. It was a fantastic weekend that gave us all strength and motivation to push on through the winter months. Now Spring is on the way, days are getting longer, water temperatures are beginning to ...change with the sun and the desire to start up again is growing every day. One thing is for sure ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Cannes in October will be different from every previous race there! Who is dreaming of the sun, clear water and friends? Registration is open for those who want #swimrun #otillo #otillocannes #otillodreams

Ready for the weekend! Dreaming of the next startline! To feel the heart pounding in the chest, to feel the dry mouth, the fear and anticipation. To taste the metallic taste of adrenaline and wondering if you have time to go one more time 🙂
How do you feel just before start? #startline ...#jitters #otillo #swimrun #anticipation #adrenaline

1 year ago we were in final prep for our first ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Catalina. When entering the US we were asked in customs if we had been in China over the last two weeks. The race was a massive success and we realized after that if the race would have been scheduled 2 weeks later that it would have ...been cancelled due the pandemic that we all thought was going to be over by last summer. The good thing is that Catalina remains and that we are going back in the end of November. By then we believe we can hold another epic race in a unique place! See you there for the season finale. #otillo #swimrun #otillocatalina #running #swimming 📷 @paddymackk

The desire to swim in open water is so strong right now! The feeling of melting in to something so much bigger than us and becoming part of a living organism is addictive. Many of us do not even have the chance to swim in a pool at the moment and in Scandinavia most of the open water is frozen ...over. If you are swimming in the sea at the moment, tag us and help us dream! #otillo #swimrun #swimming #cleantheocean #dreams

Thanks to the pandemic we had to redesign our ÖTILLÖ SprintFinal15K course. It is now one of the best race courses we have designed with exactly what we feel swimrun is about. A big nature experience. Constant in and out of the water. Technical trail running and with swims that are protected at ...the same time as they are exposed. September 4th is the day to be on Utö for this awesome swimrun adventure! #otillo #swimrun #otillofinal15k #trailrunning #swimming #adventure