ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Isles of Scilly

Spectator information
Pierre Mangez
International partners
  • Vivo Barefoot
  • ARK Swimrun
  • Mr Green
Destination partners
  • Isles of Scilly
  • Isles of Scilly Travel
  • Islands Partnership
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  • Garmin
  • Gococo
  • Precision Hydration
  • CrownHealth

We strongly suggest you take the time to enjoy the Isles of Scilly and bring your friends and family to enjoy a long weekend or the week with you. The Sprint and Experience race is easily followed with a bike on St Mary’s. You can rent bikes in Hugh town.

For the Sunday race we suggest you to take a boat to the islands Tresco or St Martins to follow the race.

NOTE: you may not assist any teams unless if it is a medical emergency. Any other assistance will result in disqualification of the team.

The course

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Isles of Scilly is very exciting to follow. If you have a boat you can follow the race along the swim sections. It is also ideal to rent a bike and follow along the course. Make sure you follow the traffic laws and be careful. Please give the racers space and please listen to our race marshalls and safety boats.

The following are good spots to see the racers:

For the world series race
  • Start and finish in Hugh Town
  • On Bryher; at Hell Bay hotel
  • On Tresco; at Cromwells castle, New Grimsby, Tresco Gardens and Old Grimsby
  • On St Martin’s; at Karma Hotel and by High Town
  • On St Mary’s; at Porthmellon
For the sprint end experience race
  • Start and Finish in Hugh Town
  • In Old Town
Start area

The start for all three races is at Holgate’s Green.


The ÖTILLÖ Sprint & Experience does not have any cut-offs.

The ÖTILLÖ World Series has three (3) cut-offs.

  • TIME 2 at 11:20
  • TIME 6 at 14:45
  • TIME 8 at 15:45

If the race organization believe there is a danger for the racers or the organization based on weather or other conditions, the course can be changed the day before or even in the middle of the race. Safety is our priority.


The Isles of Scilly is off the coast of Cornwall in South West England. The ferry leaves from Penzance. We suggest that you fly to London, Exeter or Newquay, from these airports there are several travel options to get to Isles of Scilly.

As the weather is sometimes unpredictable on the Isles of Scilly, the ferry option is the most reliable way to get to the islands.

10% off the brochure passenger fare on Scillonian only – between 5th June and 12th June 2019.
Quote the code OTILLO19 at the time of booking.

If you choose flying we suggest you to calculate with at least one extra travel day. See all info under Isles of Scilly travel


Most of the accommodation on the Isles of Scilly will be fully booked so make sure you find your accommodation as soon as possible.

You can find your accommodation at https://www.visitislesofscilly.com/accommodation

If you cannot find an accommodation, call the Tourist office to see if they have cancellations available: +44 1720 424031 / +44 1720 424036. There is a great camping area less than 1 km from the start: Garrison Camping Off islands like St.Martin (Karma hotel) and Tresco might be another option.

Karma on St. Martin’s has a special offer for the ÖTILLÖ participants and their families - £240 per room per night including breakfast. To take part of this offer, please use the discount code OTILLO2020 when you book your accommodation.
Book by phone
+44 (0) 1720 422 368 
Book by email: reception@karmastmartins.com

Weather on the Isles of Scilly

In the middle of June the weather can be quite nice with warm, calm days. However, we are in the middle of the Atlantic where the weather can be quite brutal. It can be anything between 10 – 25 degrees C. Wet or dry.

Like everywhere we can have wind, rain and un-seasonably cold. Make sure you bring clothes to handle this.

Media production

During each race we make a big media production for social media and traditional media. You will see photographers, reporters and film teams along the course. If you have any personal media contacts that would like to have material from us please email to media.requests@otilloswimrun.com.

We will cover the ÖTILLÖ Isles of Scilly LIVE on otilloswimrun.com/live, please spread the information to all your friends and family.

We will also use #otilloislesofscilly to tag our posts, please do so you too. Our images that we post from the race are free to use for you as racers but not allowed for commercial use to promote other products or events.

ÖTILLÖ Merchandise

As you might know we have some ÖTILLÖ branded goods. These can be found on our website at otilloswimrun.com/shop

Our partners will be in the event area at the finish line with products on-site.

International partners
  • Vivo Barefoot
  • ARK Swimrun
  • Mr Green