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Race directors report 2019
Jakob Edholm
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Race Directors Report 2019

In hindsight we cannot say anything else than that we all were very fortunate! Friday stormy, Monday morning rain, Tuesday stormy. The two days in between being Saturday and Sunday race days had sun and could not have been much better. So lucky we are!

For Saturdays Sprint and Experience races we had 193 persons signed up of which 80% started. Most of these were new to ÖTILLÖ races and also to Swimrun. They had all braved the trip from 17 nations. Which in itself is great!!
It was a windy day but as the majority of the swims were protected from the wind it only added a bit of extra spice for the last swim. A real rock & roll swim! The feeling and energy at the finish line was wonderful with everyone enjoying a burger and a drink together.

Sunday – World Series day!
116 teams from 20 nations ready to take on the spectacular race course. Just looking at the race map makes your skin crawl with excitement! A perfect sunny day with very little wind. The race started at a very high pace as the teams flew down to the first swim. A major crossing over to the island of Tresco. Towards the end of the field they started to feel the tidal flow. During the race the water level changed by 3,5 meters.

Then the race charged on. With big swims together with short intense swims taking the teams to the beautiful Bryher, the perfect Tresco with its amazing gardens, to St Martins and the best energy station in our series at Karma hotel and then back to St Mary’s again via another major sea swim. During which the tide changed directions two times.

In the men’s category the World Champions Fredrik Axegård & Alex Flores / Team ARK Swimrun planned their race perfectly and managed to pull off the win! In mixed a new team from France, Eugenie Plane & Matthieu Poullain blew everyone out of the water and finished 4th overall. In the Women’s category the favorites, Susie Moonan & Anna Hellström/ Team Envol showed again that they are big contenders in September at the World Champs. It was great to see the great UK triathlete, Lucy Gossage take the start in the Women Sprint solo Saturday (which she won) and the World Series in Mixed on Sunday embracing the swimrun spirit of working hard with her partner Laurence Hulatt like everyone else.

We had an amazing 60 persons from the Isles of Scilly participate over the Weekend. Not counting the 250 kids that did their own junior race on Friday!

Now all we have left are new experiences, new memories and new friends. We decide what we learn from that. On the isles our footsteps will fade away before long but the memories will remain! Thank you all for the trust, for a magical weekend and for making ÖTILLÖ races special.

Please bring a friend and come back for more!

Now ÖTILLÖ Engadin on July 6 & 7. Will we see any of you there?

With respect,
The ÖTILLÖ team through Michael Lemmel


Rank Team name Team members Time
1 ARKswimrun Alexander Flores (SWE), Fredrik Axegård (SWE) 4:31:51
Franck Martin (FRA), Guillaume Heneman (FRA) 4:36:22
3 Precision Hydration Andy Blow (GBR), James Phillips (GBR) 4:43:53


Rank Team name Team members Time
1 Team Envol Susie Anna Anna Hellström (SWE), Susie Moonan (SWE) 5:17:41
2 Head Swimming Anneli Wall (SWE), Jenny Ramstedt (SWE) 5:36:32
3 Butch Cassidy and The
Stumpy Pig
Lauren Vickery (GBR), Robyn Cassidy (GBR) 6:40:06


Rank Team name Team members Time
1 MAT Eugenie PLANE (FRA), Matthieu Poullain (FRA) 4:51:48
2 Boston Wet Sox Bronwen Price-dierksen (USA), Gregory Dierksen (USA) 5:04:19
3 Vibike-Head-226ERS Team Aintzane Argaiz Castro (ESP), Ciro Tobar Ortiz de Urbina (ESP) 5:09:25

Men Team

Rank Team name Team members Time
1 Aquatic Chillers
by Head Swimming
Daniel Lampard (GBR), Justin Lennon (GBR) 2:20:37
2 Tortoise and the Hare (MBA) Ian Veal (GBR), Neil Eddy (GBR) 2:20:41
3 Yekshemesh! Archie Heaton-Renshaw (GBR), George Heaton-Renshaw (GBR) 2:22:38

Women Team

Rank Team name Team members Time
1 The Super Scilly Sisters Amelia Mills (GBR), Helena Plowman (GBR) 2:36:0
2 Wife Swap Genevieve Laurier (CAN), Jessica van der Meer (NED) 2:44:32
3 Ys et Eau Elisabeth Roux (FRA), Le Verge Marianne (FRA) 2:48:29


Rank Team name Team members Time
Laurence Marx (FRA), Laurent Valette (FRA) 2:21:02
2 ACB Coaching Andrew Bruce (GBR), Lotte Carritt (GBR) 2:21:51
3 Lord and A Lady Rachel Hales (GBR), Steven Lord (GBR) 2:35:27

Men Solo

Rank Team members Time
1 Peter Edvardsson (SWE) 2:11:45
2 Jonny Tye (GBR) 2:16:06
3 Andrew King (GBR) 2:17:41

Women Solo

Rank Team members Time
1 Lucy Gossage (GBR) 2:28:14
2 Emily Miles (GBR) 2:33:39
3 Sarah Whelan (IRL) 2:35:19
International partners
  • Vivo Barefoot
  • ARK Swimrun
  • Mr Green