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Race directors report 2018
Jakob Edholm
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Race Directors Report 2018

Sitting on the plane back from Hvar the emotions come to life.

What a great weekend and what a start to the season.

Nature was kind to us and gave us a window of calm between days of Yugo. Near perfect conditions both for the Sprint and the World Series event with calm seas and postcard blue skies. About 90% of the teams finished which in itself is proof of soft nature.

It is always very exciting to get started after months of hibernation. New systems and new ideas are put to test in reality. It seems as our new cup policy worked quite well. We have a few glitches to fix to make it even easier for everyone.

Spocks family went all-in and made an ÖTILLÖ-style webcast with studio and live footage. Amazing work. What do you think?

Pierre Mangez went wild with his camera and captured the moment and the very stunning location.

In the Saturday Sprint we had the honor of seeing the next generation of Swimrun pushing their fathers. Hanna, 13 years old and the good friends Emile and Gabriel, 15 years old.

On Friday prior to the event 350 – 500 kilos of plastic garbage was cleaned off the south-side beaches on the Pakleni Islands. A massive problem they have with Winds from the South pushing weekly tonnages of plastic onto the beaches. #cleantheocean is a must!

Our deepest gratitude to you all for your performance, to the town and people of Hvar for their love and to our sponsors for making it possible!

Congratulations to our podiums. The chase for the Golden Bib is on!

See you in a couple of weeks for some more action at ÖTILLÖ Utö, the very special island where Swimrun was born. Do not miss May 19 – 20 www.otilloswimrun.com/races/uto

Let’s go 2018!

With respect

Michael & Mats
Race Directors ÖTILLÖ


RankTeam nameTeam membersTime
1Team GARMINPontus Lindberg (SWE), George Bjälkemo (SWE)5:15:41
2Team Swimshop.se lag 2Peter Aronsson (SWE), Fredrik Axegård (SWE)5:20:15
3Team EnvolNicolas Remires (FRA), Guillaume Heneman (FRA)5:27:49


RankTeam nameTeam membersTime
1Team EnvolDesirée Andersson (SWE), Fanny Danckwardt (SWE)5:53:52
2YO Running ClubRenée Huvaa (SWE), Charlotte Eriksson (SWE)6:35:54
3Team EnvolAnneli Wall (SWE), Jenny Ramstedt (SWE)6:51:25


RankTeam nameTeam membersTime
1Thule CrewMartin Flinta (SWE), Helena Karaskova Erbenova (CZE)5:34:07
2Team Swimshop.seStefano Prestinoni (SWE), Annika Ericsson (SWE)5:37:06
3Team GrindermanFredrik Granström (SWE), Helena Sivertsson (SWE)5:50:15


RankTeam nameTeam membersTime
1Friend of a FriendBen Hallam (GBR), Simon Griffiths (GBR)1:56:38
2Hippocampes Pygmées Team 1Francois Barou (FRA), Emile Barou (FRA)1:57:03
3Hippocampes Pygmées Team 2Christophe Duval-Kieffer (FRA), Gabriel Duval-Kieffer (FRA)1:57:03


RankTeam nameTeam membersTime
1Team Head SwimmingUlrika Eriksson (SWE), Helena Sivertsson (SWE)1:49:13
2Team 74Maria Frånlund (SWE), Eva Rongård (SWE)2:11:57
3SjöodjurenEmelie Danielsson (SWE), Sara Olsson (SWE)2:18:15


RankTeam nameTeam membersTime
1Team DenmarkBettina Honore (DNK), Thomas Desseau (DNK)1:51:21
2Team EnvolJulian Dent (AUS), Felicity Brown (AUS)1:53:19
3Team VallancePiers Vallance (GBR), Claire Vallance (GBR)1:56:26
International partners
  • Vivo Barefoot
  • ARK Swimrun
  • Mr Green