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Jakob Edholm
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When nature showed who was boss – Race report 2017

After a perfect weekend of preparation in the beautiful Engadin Valley it was finally time to start up the roller coaster.

ÖTILLÖ Engadin was going to be our race five and six over a six week period of either preparing or producing. Our team has put in massive work to get It all in place and now was the time to close the books on the last 8 qualification spots for the 2017 ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship.

Saturday, Sprint day was a perfect day. 61 registered teams ( up from 17 in 2016) and the best Engadin weather. The teams breezed through the almost 17 km course with massive smiles on their faces.

All sprint teams finished and We congatulate you all, We also salute the podiums and winners.

Go to Swimrunranking.com and collect your points.

Sunday – World Series day and the final Qualifier for ÖTILLÖ. 180 registered teams from 27 nations!

The day started with perfect race weather. A little overcast. At the gun the teams bolted up towards the fabulous Lej Cavloc. Some a little too fast. That caught up with them later on the course.

From very early the Ekman brothers of Bröderna Bäver, took the lead. They also managed to hold on to it until the bitter end. Coming out on top as the uncontested winners. In mixed the awesome team of Daniel Hansson and Kristin Larsson managed to win the mixed category again. The same in the womens category, where team Öra with Charlotte Ericsson and Salli Califjord pulled out the stops and won again!

However, the big thing during the day was being hit by a major thunderstorm in the middle of the day. Showing that we are nothing. All we could do was to try to adapt! We managed to ger everyone out of the water quite quick and managed to keep the race running smooth. Fantastic organisation! It was a humbling experience.

The best teams won, the 8 qualified took their spots and we are now a big expanding family!

Top 3 results ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin, 9 July 2017


  1. Jonas Ekman and Lars Ekman (SWE), Team Bröderna Bäver, 05:16:10
  2. Oscar Olsson and Martin Flinta (SWE), Team Löplabbet, 5:29:00
  3. Santi Pellejero Gacia and Francesc De Lanuza Gimeno (ESP), Team Head – VO2, 5:34:02


  1. Kristin Larsson and Daniel Hansson (SWE), Team Addnature/Swedish Armed Forces, 5:37:17
  2. Michelle Nyström and Erik Fridolf (SWE), Team Garmin, 5:54:28
  3. Diane Sadik (SUI) and Tim Lange (GER), Team Swimrunshop.com, 6:02:46


  1. Salli Carlfjord and Charlotte (SWE), Team Öra, 06:27:16
  2. Anna Sporrong (SWE) and Nina Ellmark (GER), Spiggen och Spättan, 06:32:08
  3. Malin Broström and Marie Dasler (SWE), Team Merrell, 7:01:14

Top 3 results ÖTILLÖ Sprint Engadin, 8 July 2017


  1. Sven Anderlind and Nils Anderlind (SUI), Nilovelo – Bad Boys Ticino, 01:39:30
  2. François Dauvergne and Pierre Roblot (FRA), Team Made in Jura – France, 01:40:29
  3. Federico Regazzo and Davide Gomiero (ITA), 1 to Swimrun, 02:03:42


  1. Filip Hoste and Femke Reynaert (BEL), pepi&koki, 01:57:54
  2. Tina Vliegen and Erik Vliegen (BEL), Flying Vliegens, 02:02:42
  3. Jérôme Burdet and Ines Kneubuehler (SUI), Djin Team, 02:04:09


  1. Andrea Müller and Bettina Müller (SUI), Bluerabbits, 02:00:53
  2. Simone Reber (SUI) and Ally Parritt (GBR), Swiss – Cornish Connection, 02:06:10
  3. Meike Maurer and Judith Mess (GER), Tritime Women Team, 02:12:27

Complete result list

Congratulations to all teams. Thank you to all racers, volunteers, staff, media and sponsors.

See you all in 7 weeks for the 2017 ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship.

Come on out as We have the ÖTILLÖ Final15K on the saturday before the World Champs!

With respect,
Michael & Mats

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