ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Weekend 1000 Lakes

The place to be in the autumn
September 29th-30th, 2018

After spending more than a year trying to find the ideal location in Germany we finally found the Mecklenburger Seenplatte, the land of 1000 lakes. This region is just 70 km from Berlin and so different than anything we expected. We are so proud of ÖTILLÖ 1000 Lakes.

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Jakob Edholm
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  • Mecklenburgische Seenplatte
  • Gococo
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About the ÖTILLÖ swimrun weekend

This race course is fast and spectacular! Not only do you need to be able to move fast along never-ending forest trails, you also need to be strong in the water with many swim sections and almost 25% swimming. The water is usually calm and flat so think of it as a giant pool. 11 swim sections means lots of transitions, be fast in and out of water to gain time. Get ready to embark on a new adventure, through mystical forests and in untouched lakes. Get ready for a wild race!

The course

This race course is mystical, almost as if you are in a tunnel. A tough start in Wesenberg will bring you to pristine lakes and wild forest trails. You will pass places which feel like you are in the 20s and you will swim through amazing waterways. In the forests most of the ground is hard-packed sand and the trails are very clear, it will be fast running! We love almost straight line race courses.

We have decided to increase the amount of open-water swimming in our races and here you will all be put to test, almost 18% of swimming in magical lakes. The course will have 10 swims, totaling 7,5 kilometres; of which the longest swim will be around 1 300 metres. You need to have your transitions dialed, if you are not fast there you will lose lots of time going in and out of the water.

The winning time will be around 4 ½ hours. We will have two cut-off for safety reasons and the longest time on the course will be 8 hours. Your team needs to be strong in the water and fast on land.

The total distance is 41,4 km. There will of course, be plenty of safety, energy stations in cool places and medical staff on call.

Race map - ÖTILLÖ Swimrun 1000 Lakes 2018

Course details
  • Total race distance 41 360 m
  • Trail-running 33 800 m
  • Swimming 7 560 m
  • Swim sections 10
  • Longest swim 1 300 m
  • Longest run 7 100 m

  • Entry fee €420

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You want to have a go at something new and fun? Look no further, this is it!

The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint 1000 lakes has the start and finish in Rheinsberg. A total distance of 16,4 km, with 6 runs and 5 swims. No swim will be longer than 830 metres and all swims are protected in very nice lakes. The runs are beautiful in fantastic forests with a lot of history, it is on soft trails and on old country roads. This race is a perfect adventure to get started with swimrun.

We look forward to seeing your smile and hearing you laugh when you cross the finish line.

Race map - ÖTILLÖ Sprint 1000 Lakes 2018

Course details
  • Total race distance 16 405 m
  • Trail-running 14 000 m
  • Swimming 2 405 m
  • Swim sections 5
  • Longest swim 830 m
  • Longest run 4 200 m

  • Entry fee €150

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Saturday, September 29, 2018
09:00Race briefing and registration ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint 1000 Lakes in Rheinsberg
11:15Start ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint 1000 Lakes
14:00Prize giving ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint 1000 Lakes
14:00-17:00Race bib distribution in Rheinsberg
17:00MANDATORY Race briefing ÖTILLÖ Swimrun 1000 Lakes for all racers in Rheinsberg
Sunday, September 30th, 2018
07:00Buses leave for the start line. RACERS ONLY
08:30Start ÖTILLÖ Swimrun 1000 Lakes
10:10Race cut-off at Time 3
13:15First team close to finish line
14:00Race cut-off at Time 7
16:00-20:00Race banquet in Rheinsberg
16:30Last team across the finish line
19:00Prize giving in Rheinsberg
International partners
  • Head
  • Campz Addnature
  • Garmin
  • Vivo Barefoot
  • Mr Green