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ötillö Swimrun World Series Cannes

Important info for anyone going to ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Cannes on October 17th & 18th, 2020.

Race dates: October 17 & 18

Race HQ: Square de Verdun, Cannes

Start location Sprint & Experience: Square de Verdun, Cannes

Start location World Series: Ile Sainte- Marguerite

Registration: Square de Verdun, Cannes

Finish line: Square de Verdun, Cannes

Race schedule:


This years ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Cannes weekend has a set up that is adjusted after the French regulations in regards to Covid-19. We have to respect social distancing, wearing a face mask in public places and not coming to the races if you feel sick.

We will have start groups of 50 persons that start two minutes apart.

The race courses are all modified compared to previous years. Make sure you check them out:

Please read our ÖTILLÖ Covid-19 safety management plan so that we all act accordingly.


We will have separated starts over the weekend. Make sure you know which start group you are in as it also dictates which time you have to collect your start pack to the races. See the column to the right of your team name in the start list (WAVE) for the correct start group

You will have to wear your face mask in the start box until the signal, then you can drop them in the garbage cans placed 300 metres after the start gate.

Note: you will be given a new face mask as you exit the finish line.


For those of you racing in the World Series there will be a chartered ferry to the start. It departs at 07:45 from Port Pierre Canto

ONLY for racers and it is mandatory to wear a face mask to travel.

Please make sure you respect these circumstances as it will not be possible to travel otherwise.


The registration for each start is in the white tent on the Parking by Square de Verdun. Make sure you are there according to the scheduled times and that you maintain social distancing. All persons racing have to be at the registration and be able to show a photo-ID and according to French law, a Medical certificate

If you have a Federation license you do not need a medical certificate. Please provide us with a copy of your license.

Our staff will be wearing gloves and a face mask at registration. You must also wear a face mask. Please do not bring your friends and family into the race tent.


There will be an online race briefing, it will be posted on our website under NEWS on Friday, October 16th at 18:00 CET. Please also read all information on our webpage. If you have questions you can ask at registration.


At all events we have a joint garbage pick-up for those who want to participate. We do it to raise awareness to the fact that more than 80% of the garbage we find in the oceans is thrown on land.

We will meet in the start gate on Square de Verdun at 17:30 on Friday the 16th. Please wear your face mask.


All racers will be able to collect a medal at the end of the race.

If the weather permits we will have a Prize Giving outside after the races on Saturday and on Sunday. By the finish line.

If the weather is bad we will not have an official prize ceremony. If possible, the podium teams in Sprint and World Series will get their medals and prizes as they cross the finish line. If not, they will be sent by mail and of course, congratulated on our web page and in our social media channels. This also applies to the teams that have qualified to ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship 2021.


It is mandatory to follow the entire course.  Along the way you will see signs with arrows, ribbon markers and beach flags for the swim sections. You enter the water at the black beach flag where there is a swim section sign with an arrow pointing you in the direction to swim, you exit by the orange beach flag.

            ötillö Swimrun Experience Utö



On some swims you will see Buoys.

Orange buoys. These buoys are for directional purposes, you can pass them on both sides.

Red & Green buoys. These buoys are always together and you MUST swim between them. If you do not swim between them you will get a 15-minute time penalty.


Please read the race rules so you know what the Mandatory gear is and how we expect you to race. You do not have to show your gear at registration, we will do random gear checks at the start and at the finish. Note: The foldable cup or flask is NOT mandatory as we due to Covid-19 adjustments will have cups for everyone at the energy stations.


In your race package you will get a yellow velcro band and a timing chip per person. Make sure you put the timing chip on the yellow velcro band and that you wear it on your right ankle.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun - About


Along the course you will see staff. They will be wearing yellow STAFF bibs. If you have any questions, if you need assistance or if you choose to abandon the race the race STAFF will assist you.


According to our ÖTILLÖ Covid-19 Safety Management Plan the ÖTILLÖ STAFF will wear gloves and face masks at the energy stations. All food provided will be in individual packaging. All drinks will be pre-served in cups at the energy station. Note: The foldable cup that normally is part of the mandatory gear is therefore not mandatory.

We will make the energy stations big enough for everyone to have space. Please make sure that you keep safe distance from each other.


We will not accept any littering whatsoever. You can only throw your garbage in the garbage cans at the energy stations, at the start and at the finish.


The water temperature is just under 20 degrees. If it stays warm like this you can choose to not race with a wetsuit. NOTE: Some swims are long and you can still get cold. Be smart!


In The Mediterranean sea there are jelly fish. Avoid them as they sting. Please let us know if you need assistance.


Some of the swims in Cannes are long and some have currents. Please stop 5 seconds and observe what is going on before you jump in.

If you see the teams drifting you need to start swimming against the wind and current from the very beginning. Pick a landmark and swim towards it. The current will take you to the exit point.

You will gain minutes by stopping and observing and by having a plan before you start your swim.


By Square de Verdun there are Public toilets by the beach. You can also find showers on the beach.

On the way up the hill to the World Series start there are toilets, also within the fort.


If you have to leave a ”small” bag on Saturday you can do so in the big, white tent by the finish line. It is not guarded so please avoid leaving valuables.

On Sunday you can bring a ”small” bag to the start. We will then transport it back to the finish line and leave it in the big, white tent by the finish line. It is not guarded so please avoid leaving valuables.

Please mark your bag clearly so you do not take someone else’s bag by mistake.


As French law is very strict about food and beverage service during Covid-19 we have prepared this year differently than other years.

When you have gone through the Finish line area you can pick up a snack package prepared for you in the big, white tent by the finish line.


Hotel Martinez is an iconic hotel where the GM is an avid swimrunner. They have a special rate for ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Cannes.
To take part of their offer, follow this link and select the dates for your stay during ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Cannes. The discount code will be generated automatically and you will arrive at the page with the special rate that includes breakfast. The ÖTILLÖ rate is 210€/ night in a double (for two persons).


We will during the weekend create images, have LIVE content on our website and do lots of posts in social media. Please use the #otillo and #otillocannes

We sincerely look forward to celebrating swimrun together with you on October 17 & 18.

See you soon.

Michael, Mats & the ÖTILLÖ team

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