ÖTILLÖ Experience Utö

June 17th, 2023
The start of the Swedish Swimrun season and a tribute to the origin of the sport.
Utö and its surrounding islands will provide the scene for great races along [...]

SWIM (6)
1 550 m

RUN (7)
6 450 m

32 m

ÖTILLÖ Sprint Utö

June 17th, 2023
The new race course from last year proofed to be good and therefore will be used again in 2023. This race course is constant motion between land and water. It follows [...]

SWIM (10)
2 800 m

RUN (11)
13 800 m

36 m

ÖTILLÖ World Series Utö

June 17th, 2023
Last year's race course has proven its worth and will be used again this year. It is the ultimate description of swimrun and how the sport got started. Lots of varied [...]

SWIM (20)
5 300 m

RUN (21)
27 400 m

131 m

ÖTILLÖ Experience Engadin

July 8th, 2023
The Experience distance has everything the Engadin has to offer but in a lighter version. Mountain views, open trails along the emerald-colored lakes and a great atmosphere.

SWIM (3)
1 400 m

RUN (4)
5 700 m

128 m

ÖTILLÖ Sprint Engadin

July 8th, 2023
This Sprint distance is very rewarding. The course has some up and down, it has great swims with spectacular views and it is everything you would want in a mountain swimrun.

SWIM (4)
2 200 m

RUN (5)
13 000 m

377 m

ÖTILLÖ Sprint Gothenburg

August 6th, 2023
You want action, this is action. Constant in and out of the water. Fast runs, through beautiful hamlets, intense swims between stunning islands. You will for sure not [...]

SWIM (16)
3 640 m

RUN (17)
13 860 m

46 m

ÖTILLÖ Experience Cannes

October 14th, 2023
The Experience distance in Cannes is easy and manageable for anyone wanting to try swimrun. We have seen many parents introduce their children to our sport here. Come [...]

SWIM (4)
2 050 m

RUN (4)
5 250 m

1 m