ÖTILLÖ Experience Cannes

October 15th, 2022
The Experience distance in Cannes is easy and manageable for anyone wanting to try swimrun. We have seen many parents introduce their children to our sport here. Come [...]

SWIM (4)
2 000 m

RUN (4)
5 300 m

6 m

ÖTILLÖ Sprint Cannes

October 15th, 2022
The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint distance in Cannes has some urban sections, some fantastic nature and some spectacular views. The challenge of the course has surprised many.

SWIM (5)
3 000 m

RUN (5)
10 100 m

177 m

ÖTILLÖ World Series Cannes

October 16th, 2022
The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series start on the rampart of the Fort, the run around the Monastery island of St Honorat, the big swims, the urban sections and the hills [...]

SWIM (10)
8 100 m

RUN (10)
36 100 m

357 m