ÖtillÖ Swimrun Sprint Catalina

March 6th, 2021 To be confirmed

This ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint has everything. Fast-paced fire roads, epic swims, a big nature
experience and a fantastic atmosphere. It can be as hard as you want it to be.

Our tribute to America and to
the cradle of endurance sports

Welcome to ÖTILLÖ
Swimrun Sprint Catalina

Welcome to ÖTILLÖ
Swimrun Sprint Catalina

Our tribute to America and to the cradle of endurance sports

March 6th, 2021 – To be confirmed

This ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint has everything. Fast-paced fire roads, epic swims, a big nature experience and a fantastic atmosphere. It can be as hard as you want it to be.

International Partners

Partner - Vivo Barefoot

Partner ARK

Partner - Mr Green

Timing Partner
Partner - Crownhealth
Partner - Precision Hydration
Partner - Gococo
Destination Partners
USC Wrigley
Catalina Island Conservancy
Catalina Island Company
City of Avalon
Catalina Chamber of Commerce

Race description

The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Catalina Sprint course is great fun; with loops around the small community of Two Harbors.. The runs are almost flat, on easy, wide trails and the swims are mostly protected and beautiful. Yet it can be a challenge, if you want it to be. The course is very easy to follow if you have friends and family that want to come along.

An ÖTILLÖ Sprint race is the perfect swimrun race for those of you who feel that the World Series is too much or for those who want to go fast. Traditionally we have everything from very strong racers to absolute beginner Swimrunners doing the Sprint distances. Race in pairs or solo.

Short facts

Date: 2021-03-06 -To be confirmed
Country: USA
Total race distance: 14 900 m
Trail-running: 11 800 m
Run sections: 5
Swimming: 3 100 m
Swim sections: 4
Longest swim: 1 400 m
Longest run: 4 800 m
Total elevation: 236 m

Catalina Experience
Catalina World Series


The registration for 2021 has not yet opened.

About ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Catalina

Catalina Island is like a dream. An island just 21 nautical miles off the California coast with endless outdoor and Swimrun possibilities. A rugged island with a 650- meter vertical drop from the highest point to the sea. Lots of bays, pebbled beaches and crystal- clear waters abundant with fish.

In the early spring the island is green, the wild flowers are blooming and the contrasts are beautiful.

This Swimrun location is iconic. A stone’s throw from the 18-million people in Los Angeles you will find the landscape of Jurassic Park.

The perfect start of a season.

Read the full Race Report »

Schedule for the weekend - this is the 2020 schedule for reference

Thursday, February 27th, 2020

23:59 (Local time) Last day to enter and make changes for the ÖTILLÖ World Series, Sprint and Experience races. Changes must be sent to support@race.se.

Friday, February 28th, 2020

15:30 #Cleantheocean activity in Avalon - Open for everyone. Meeting place: The Trailhead
16:30 Social Swimrun, in Avalon - Open for everyone, NOT competitive. Meeting place: The Trailhead
18:30 Social gathering in Avalon. Drinks, snacks and fun hosted by Vivobarefoot & ARK. Open for everyone, 75 persons limit. Must be booked in advance via the Facebook event. Venue: The Toyon Grill

Saturday, February 29th, 2020

09:15-10:45 Registration ÖTILLÖ Sprint & Experience – The Reef restaurant, Two Harbors
10:45 MANDATORY Race briefing ÖTILLÖ Sprint & Experience – The Reef restaurant, Two Harbors
11:30 Start ÖTILLÖ Sprint & Experience Team & Solo – Two Harbors
12:30 First Experience Team/Solo across the finish line
13:00-15:30 Burgers & beer ÖTILLÖ Sprint & Experience – The Reef restaurant, Two Harbors
13:20 First Sprint Team/Solo across the finish line
13:40 Cut-off for ÖTILLÖ Sprint at Isthmus Harbor Beach
15:30 Prize giving ÖTILLÖ Sprint – The Reef restaurant, Two Harbors
17:30-19:00 Registration ÖTILLÖ World Series – Casino Theatre, Avalon
18:00-19:00 Wine & cheese welcome drink – Casino Theatre, Avalon
19:00 MANDATORY Race briefing ÖTILLÖ World Series, for all racers – Casino Theatre, Avalon

Sunday, March 1st, 2020

07:00 Chartered ferry to Two Harbors from Avalon. 45 minute ride
09:15 Start ÖTILLÖ World Series – Two Harbors
11:05 Cut-off at Time 2 Two Harbors
14:00 Cut-off at Time 5 Emerald Bay
14:00 First team across the finish line
16:30 Cut-off at Time 7 Isthmus Harbor Beach
17:30 Last team across the finish line
14:30-18:00 Burgers & beer ÖTILLÖ World Series – The Reef restaurant, Two Harbors
18:00 Prize giving ÖTILLÖ World Series – The Reef restaurant
18:45 Load chartered ferry back to Avalon. Bar open on-board

Race information

Here you will find everything you need to know as a racer at ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Catalina. Please read this thoroughly as the information is important for your experience before and during the race. Good luck and have fun!

Catalina race specific information
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Start lists for Catalina

Here you will find all registered participants and start lists for ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Catalina 2020.

World Series
Travel to Catalina

Catalina Island is reached by ferry from Mainland California. Catalina Island ferry terminals are found in Long Beach, San Pedro and Dana Point with timetables found here. If you are sensitive to seasickness we recommend that you take medication before travel.

For those planning to participate in the Saturday races (Sprint & Experience) in Two Harbors we will have a special ferry service from the Catalina Express Ferry Terminal in San Pedro in the morning of the race and returning in the afternoon of the race. To make sure you can be at all functions and participate in the races. Check out the ferry schedule in the below menu.

For the Sunday World Series race you need to be in Avalon no later than 17:30 on Saturday for registration, the welcome drink and the MANDATORY race briefing. You should plan Saturday and Sunday evening in Avalon. We will transport you to Two Harbors for the race and back.

National and International air travel is recommended to Los Angeles (LAX) from where it is easy to take a car service to the ferry terminals. Count 90 minutes to the San Pedro ferry terminal from LAX so that you have plenty of time.

Please read this article in SwimrunLife Magazine for more info.

Accommodation in Catalina

For bookings at the following hotels at Catalina:

  • Atwater Hotel (Avalon)
  • Pavilion Hotel (Avalon)
  • Mt. Ada (Avalon)
  • Banning House (Two Harbors)

Use the code “Swimrun” for a 10% reduction of the off-season rate.

Energy stations at Catalina

We will have energy and liquid stations along the course as marked in the course map.

  • We will serve fruits and snacks at the energy stations.
  • We will have water and electrolytes by Precision Hydration at all stations.
  • Please do not take more than you need as there are others behind you.
  • We will have paper cups at all energy stations but you are free to use your own collapsible cup as well.
  • Please re-use your cup instead of taking multiple cups.
  • If you need gels, bring your own and carry in your wetsuit. Do not throw the wrappers on the ground, leave it in the garbage cans at the energy stations.
Registration in Catalina

The registration for the Sprint and Experience will be at the Reef restaurant in Two Harbors. The registration for the World Series race will be at the Avalon Casino.

  • Registration for ÖTILLÖ Sprint and Experience – Saturday, February 29th, 09:30-10:30
  • Registration for ÖTILLÖ World Series – Saturday, February 29th, 17:30-19:00

All racers have to come to the registration to collect their Start packs. At the registration you will have to display your photo-ID and sign that you accept the rules. Every racer needs also to bring a signed copy of the attached “Waiver and release agreement”. If you plan to race with fins you need to bring these so that we can verify that they are in line with the rules.

Race briefing in Catalina

The race briefing for the Sprint and Experience will be at the Reef rstaurant in Two Harbors. The race briefing for the World Series race will be at the Avalon Casino. Be on time. MANDATORY for all racers.

  • Briefing for ÖTILLÖ Sprint and Experience – Saturday, February 29th, at 10:30
  • Briefing for ÖTILLÖ World Series – Saturday, February 29th, at 19:00
Logistic to get to start in Catalina

The start for all three races is at in Two Harbors. We will transport the Sunday World Series racers back and forth from Avalon. For Saturday Sprint and Experience you will need to make your own way with the regular ferries. Make sure to be there on time.

  • You have to be in the start box 10 minutes before start
  • Toilets are available by the start line
  • You can leave a small bag at the indicated place at the start. Bring a minimum of valuables.
Cut offs in Catalina

The ÖTILLÖ Experience does not have any cut-offs. The ÖTILLÖ Sprint has one (1) cut-off:

  • Isthmus Harbor Beach at 13:40

The ÖTILLÖ World Series has three (3) cut-offs. These are for your safety:

  • Two Harbors at 11:05
  • Emerald BAY at 14:00
  • Isthmus Harbor Beach at 16:30

We have cut-offs in our events to make sure that we can have a safe race; these are put in place so that everyone has a possibility to finish before dark and without jeopardizing the safety of others by stretching the safety organization too much. Please respect this and the people enforcing them.

Media production in Catalina

During each race we make a big media production for social media and traditional media. You will see photographers, reporters and film teams along the course. If you have any personal media contacts that would like to have material from us please email to media.requests@otilloswimrun.com.

We will cover the ÖTILLÖ World Series Catalina LIVE on otilloswimrun.com/live, please spread the information to all your friends and family. We will also use #otillocatalina to tag our posts, please do so too. Our images that we post from the race are free to use for you as racers but not allowed for commercial use to promote other products or events.

Weather in Catalina

In the end of February and the beginning of March the spring has started on Catalina with usually dry, sunny weather. Outside temperature is close to 18 degrees and this means that it will be warmer in the sun. Water temperatures are between 13 – 14 degrees C.

Like everywhere we can have wind, rain and un-seasonably cold weather, make sure you bring clothes to handle this.

To see the current weather and temperatures check out the following link. Current weather on Catalina Island.

The water in the Pacific is salty, this has an advantage as you will have more flotation, and it also has a disadvantage and that is the possibility for chafing during the race. Make sure you prepare areas that rub so you enjoy both the beginning and the end of the race.

Spectators, friends and families in Catalina

We strongly suggest that you take the time to enjoy Catalina Island and the California coast. Bring your friends and family to enjoy a long weekend or the week with you. The hotel deals is of course for them as well.

As the courses passes through Two Harbors you will be able to see the start, the middle and the end of the race from there.

NOTE: you may not assist any teams unless if it is a medical emergency. Any other assistance will result in disqualification of the team.

ÖtillÖ general race information
Covid-19 update
COVID-19 UPDATE July 9, 2020

Read the latest Covid-19 news here »


Race rules

Each athlete participating in an ÖTILLÖ Swimrun (World Series, Sprint & Experience race) must know, understand and follow all the competition rules. Please read the ÖTILLÖ Standard Swimrun rules.

Safety measures
  • Take care of each other; it is a long and tough course.
  • We have safety boats and are trying to do our best to cover the course.
  • All teams have to help another team in an emergency.
  • We have medics on the course.
  • Communicate with race officials when help needed.
  • If you abandon the race you must communicate with race officials as soon as possible and return the timing chip at the finish area.
  • You cannot wear a tow rope for the first run.
  • We suggest that you do NOT use a tow rope when running in difficult terrain.
Cups at ÖTILLÖ Races

As stated in the ÖTILLÖ COVID- 19 SAFETY MANAGEMENT PLAN 2020 we will now have disposable paper cups at all energy stations. Please re-use your cup instead of taking multiple cups. The foldable cup is therefore not included in the mandatory equipment.

Race course

Race course

If the race organization believe there is a danger for the racers or the organization based on weather or other conditions, the course can be changed the day before or even in the middle of the race. Safety is our priority.

Rental wetsuits

”Try before you buy”.

Now you have the possibility to rent the Worlds fastest swimrun suits at all ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series events. Book your suit online and pick it up on site at the ARK box. Limited amount of suits per event. If you want you have the option to buy your suit afterwards at a discounted price.
Book your wetsuit here.

Rental sites:

  • ÖTILLÖ Engadin — July 25 – 26, 2020.
  • ÖTILLÖ Final 15K — August 29, 2020.
  • ÖTILLÖ Utö — September 26 – 27, 2020.
  • ÖTILLÖ Hvar — November 7 – 8, 2020.
  • ÖTILLÖ Malta — November 28 – 29, 2020.

You must have a valid personal insurance for racing in Swimrun. If you do not have one you can purchase it for the race or for the 2020 season, valid in all the races listed. It is an insurance that will repay your entry fee and travel costs if you have to withdraw prior to the race due to an accident or illness (you have to have a doctor’s certificate).
Read more and buy your insurance here.

ÖTILLÖ Qualification

A spot will be awarded to the first two men, women and mixed teams where no team member already has a spot for the following ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship. If a team does not want the spot it will roll down to the next eligible team. If no team wants the spot it goes back to the ÖTILLÖ organisation who are free to do what they want with it. The entry fee needs to be payed at the date set in the invoice.

Swimrun ranking

All teams that finish an ÖTILLÖ World Series race or a race with ÖTILLÖ merit status will receive ranking points, see all merit races here. Check out the races, finish it and get points. If you are not registered, read more about the Swimrun ranking and register here.

To be able to participate in ÖTILLÖ The Swimrun World Championship through ranking selection or random team selection, you need to have ranking points. Read more about how to gain your spot for ÖTILLÖ The Swimrun World Championship here.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series

Teams that finish top 30 in each category (Women/Men/Mixed) will collect points in the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series. Your team can collect points from all ÖTILLÖ World Series events and ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship.

The winning team in each category will be honored at the last World Series event of the year.

Check out the World Series standings and the new point distribution here.

ÖTILLÖ Merchandise

As you might know we have some ÖTILLÖ branded goods. These can be found on our website

Our partners will be in the event area at the finish line with products on-site.

Swimrun rescue

As a swimrunner you are responsible for your team mate and for others around you. It is your obligation to know how to rescue someone out of the water, how to do CPR and how to use your Mandatory pressure bandage if someone has a bad cut. Here are some good films for you to watch.


Swimming induced pulmonary oedema (SIPE) is a condition which has gained attention in recent years. In short, due to somewhat unclear mechanism, fluid collects in the lungs, compromising the transfer of oxygen from the lungs to the bloodstream. This results in the following symptoms;

  • Shortness of breath
  • Decreased oxygen saturation (which has to be measured with medical instruments)
  • Cough, sometimes with blood

There is ongoing research in the subject, and as the knowledge increases, we will hopefully learn how to better prevent, diagnose and treat the condition.

The current research suggests that the condition terminates in less than 48h. Often it’s enough to stop the activity, remove/open up the wetsuit and get warm. In some cases, oxygen therapy is needed. It’s not fully understood why the condition arises.

There are yet no studies evaluating the long-term effects of SIPE. There is evidence that susceptible individuals may have recurrent episodes of SIPE. There are some medications that may help to prevent recurrent episodes.

If you experience the above symptoms, we recommend stopping the activity and contacting race marshals. If you encounter symptoms during a training session, we recommend seeking medical attention since there are other medical conditions which can manifest in the same way.

Train smart, race hard and take care of yourself and your partner!

Force Majeure

Neither the participant nor the race organizer shall be held responsible for a force majeure event. Force majeure means any event which is unforeseen and beyond the reasonable control of either party including but not limited to the following: Act of God, adverse weather, inevitable accident, failure or shortage of power supplies, fire, flood, epidemic, earthquake, explosion, lightning, war or armed conflict, embargo, government or regulatory action or decree, riot or civil disturbance, strike, lock-outs, or other industrial action, terrorist action, failure or delay of common carrier or impairment or lack of adequate transportation facilities.

If by reason of any force majeure event the race organizer is delayed in, or prevented from, performing any of the obligations with regards to staging the race, no loss or damage shall be claimed by the participant by reason thereof.

Images & Video

ÖTILLÖ Catalina - 2020