ÖTILLÖ is the race that started the sport of Swimrun.

The idea behind ÖTILLö was conceived in 2003 during a late night bet at Utö Värdshus on the island of Utö in the Stockholm Archipelago. The bet was between the friends Anders Malm, Janne Lindberg, Jesper Mars and Mats Andersson.

Utö Swimrun Trail

Since a few years back there is a yellow/blue marked trail around the North end of Utö. From the summer of 2021 there are now seven (7) swim sections marked along the same trail. The course is a total of 15,6 km long of which 2105 metres are swimming. The first and last swims are the longest at 495 metres each. The swims are protected and safe in all weather conditions.

The Garmin Challenge

Garmin is challenging you to discover the beautiful island of Utö and the sport of Swimrun. Load the correct GPX course into your training device.

Follow the full course then upload your session into Strava and tag it #Garminutoswimrunchallenge.

We will be able to follow you through the Strava segment created for this route.

In the end of August we will share some great prizes based on different criteria.

Be safe and have a great swimrun adventure around the North end of Utö.

– The Ultimate Endurance Challenge


A new take on virtual racing and a new collaboration from the creators of two of Scandinavia’s finest extreme sports events. The MyXTRI – MyÖTILLÖ Ultimate Remote Participation Endurance Challenge.


In 2002, unbeknown to each other, two teams, one in Norway and one in Sweden were dreaming up concepts for sports to inspire and challenge athletes; to change the face of triathlon and to create an entirely new way to move through nature.

Deep in the dark and foreboding fjords of Norway came a concept of raw and without-frills triathlon, a race of long distance, potential inclement weather and unrivaled toughness. At the same time on an island near Stockholm a napkin depicting the local archipelago was shaping the minds of others, who knew that this would be the start of the completely new sport of Swimrun?

Fueled by late night enthusiasm and a little drunken madness, the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon and ÖTILLÖ, the origin of Swimrun were born. The evolution of these two endurance beacons is constant, with the race concepts reaching many parts of the globe and enticing thousands of athletes to race and inspiring countless more.

As we evolve and adapt to the changes of the world, the offshoot of Norseman, the XTRI World Tour and the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series have come together to add new challenges to the virtual space.

The Challenge

MyXTRI was established in the summer of 2020 and has taken athletes on many personal adventures, where the use of outdoor space and adaptability to the local environment encouraged, and has clocked hundreds of thousands of kilometres and millions of vertical metres of elevation gain.

Now MyÖTILLÖ joins MyXTRI and will take you on a global adventure, to discover the respective race courses and race locations of the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series and the XTRI World Tour.

Take on this challenge and you will be given a new task to complete each month of 2021; to find and undertake distances and verticals from races in both series and to track your progress around the world.

Great prizes are on offer monthly and spots can be earned in real world races.

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ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship, is one of the world’s toughest one-day endurance races. It is set in the stunning Swedish Archipelago. 75 km over and between 24 islands. It can be beautiful, and it can be brutal. Visit the ÖTILLÖ page to learn more. It is a race that starts at 6 am (at dawn) and finishes after dark for the last teams. The fastest time on the course is 7 hours 39 minutes and 25 seconds, the last teams finish just after 14 hours of racing.

Not everyone has the possibility to participate in this event so here is a way for you to try out the distances, to get inspired, to get motivated and to be prepared for future IRL races!

The Challenge

Running 65135 meters and swimming 9545 in one day is no game. Now, you have a chance to see if you have what it takes to really complete ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship course distance. We encourage you to find similar conditions for your MyÖTILLÖ challenge where you are. This will give you a chance to get out swimming and running in nature, and experience Swimrun as it should be done, for real.

You will be rewarded with ÖTILLÖ merchandise prizes for each level you complete and if you make it all the way – a 50% discount on an ÖTILLÖ Swimrun race of your choice (Not the World Champs).

Load the correct GPX course into your training device

Enter MyÖTILLÖ at Level 1 and do the full length of the course when and where it suits you. The task of the MyÖTILLÖ, is to complete each swim and each run of the course (FIND HERE), log each segment, and you will get a total swim time and a total run time. When finished, enter your combined total time for the whole 74 680 m and see how you hold up against the competition!

When you make it, you will earn an ÖTILLÖ branded buff, and an exclusive invitation to MyÖTILLÖ Level 2, which is the ÖTILLÖ course length x 2. When that is completed you will get an invitation to the final Level.

MyÖTILLÖ Strava Club

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