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ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Utö. The 2021 version

After a Spring of worrying if we would be able to hold races or not it was fantastic to finally start the season.

We knew that it would be most likely that the regulations would change from June 1st and that we would be allowed 150 persons in each distance.

We sent in our applications for our permits well in time and also applied for the World Series distance to be viewed as an elite race. If classified as an elite race it would allow us to have all teams on the start line at the same time.

Since last year we have quite a relationship with the permit department at the Police so we initiated a discussion. It soon became clear that they would not allow the World Series to be classified as an elite race.

So, less than two weeks before the race weekend we had to rethink. We needed to fit more than one start in one day. We knew we had to change the race course.

This gave us the opportunity to try new things, new trails and new swims which we then reapplied with.

It was fantastic to get the final permits a week before the races. The World Series course would be shorter but it also ment we could have races. It felt like it was worth it.

The race weekend

It was 8 months since our last race weekend and it was so good to see that our entire team were so fired up to make it all happen.

With perfect weather as a platform to work from we were ready.

When the teams arrived on Saturday we could all feel the same excitement.  We could have races again and we could see our swimrun friends again. All walked around with big, wide grins.

The Experience and Sprint races on Saturday ran smoothly. Everyone did their part to make the day a success. The volunteers on the course were superb, the racers looked happy, they gave us lots of energy and the atmosphere was how we hoped for.

Come Sunday we were ready for the World Series races. We would have three different starts so that we would never have more than 150 persons on the race course at the same time.

First off the men. The faces were focused and the energy at the start line was intense. You could almost cut it with a knife. There stood many of the best racers in the world ready to set off the 2021 season. The World Champions Pontus & George ready for the task.

At the start clap the teams set off at lightning speed towards the first swim. With Anders Malm riding his “flakmoppe” up front guiding the way. They then furiously billowed through the course. Pushing the pace for each other where two teams broke off and started to hammer each other. In the end Adriel and Max managed to have the best day and pulled off a great victory.

Next up were the women. For the first time we had a start line of only women and the atmosphere was equally intense as with the men. You could smell the adrenaline and they were all on fire. World Champion Desirée and her partner, Anna looked ready to defend their title from Utö in 2019.

At the start clap the start was equally fast. With teams sprinting towards the first swim. So many strong women in one place would make sure that it was not going to be a walk in the park for the team that would pull off the victory.

With about one hour left in the women’s race Desirée and Anna started to pull away from the two teams chasing, managing to break away and take a win again. Just behind there was a change of position just towards the very end and those who had long been third managed to come in second. What an impressive race by all the women.

Just 30 minutes behind the women we had the mixed teams start. Again with lots of top ranked racers and with equally powerful energy at the start. Their start was no different than the two previous ones. Powering through the race course towards the finish line. In this category the battle would be between second and third as the winners Peter and Ulrika showed early on that they were on fire.

Read the Press release here.

The best part of the weekend

The best part of the weekend was all the positive energy and happiness shared by the entire community. From the newcomers to the seasoned racers. From the beginners to the winners. It felt like everyone had missed the races as much as we and it seems that many loved the new World Series race course.

Next races are ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin (July 10 & 11) and ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Gothenburg (August 7th).

Thank you everyone for doing your part and thank you for your trust. We are all ÖTILLÖ together.

Podiums & qualified teams here.

Complete results here.

Images from the races here.

Official video ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Utö 2021

The official video from ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Utö 2021 reflects all the faces of ÖTILLÖ Swimrun. We hope you enjoy it.

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