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Hard racing at ÖTILLÖ Malta!

NOVEMBER 24TH, 2019 RESULTS PRESS RELEASE THE FIRST ÖTILLÖ MALTA TOOK THE RACING TO THE NEXT LEVEL IN TOUGH CONDITIONS! The last ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series, the 7th in the year was a tough day out for the racers. Malta showed all sides, big wind from the west and...

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ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Malta, less then 4 weeks away!

OCTOBER 30TH, 2019 PRESS RELEASE THE 2019 ÖTILLÖ SWIMRUN WORLD SERIES FINALS WILL BE HELD ON MALTA Throughout history this beautiful island has set the stage for many cultures. The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series will end the season and host the 2019 finals on Malta on...

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Huge turn out for ÖTILLÖ Cannes on October 19 & 20

OCTOBER 16TH, 2019 PRE-RACE PRESS RELEASE THE RACE WEEKEND The second edition of ÖTILLÖ Cannes is turning out to be one of the most popular events of the year with more than 620 racers from close to 20 nations showing up for the races. This is the second-to-last...

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The Global Swim Series is a new partner

    Press Release                              September 12, 2019 The Global Swim Series and the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series have signed a mutual cross-marketing partnership agreement. The Global Swim Series (GSS), which is the largest swim series in the...

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ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship 2018 – Fast Facts

  • 13th edition – Monday, September 3rd, 2018
  • 75 km running and swimming from dawn till dusk
  • 65 km of trail running
  • 10 km of open water swimming
  • Water temperature between 10 – 15 degrees C
  • 26 islands to cross
  • 50 ins and outs of the water
  • 50 changes between running and swimming
  • The swims are between 100 and 1 780 metres long
  • The runs are between 70 and 19 700 metres long
  • Longest swim 1 780 metres
  • Longest run 19,7 km
  • 150 registered teams
  • Three categories: men, mixed, women
  • Teams of two; for safety reasons and for the unique experience
  • 20 nationalities
  • Course record: 7:58:06 (2017): Jesper Svensson and Daniel Hansson (SWE) Swedish Armed Forces

Winners 2017

  • Men: Jesper Svensson and Daniel Hansson (SWE) Swedish Armed Forces, 7:58:06
  • Mixed: Eva Nyström (SWE) and Adriel Young (AUS), Thule Crew/ 9:01:31
  • Women: Kristin Larsson (SWE) and Annika Ericsson (SWE), Addnature/Campz 10:03:32

Ranked by CNN as one of the toughest endurance challenges in the world.

Featured in NYT, The Wall Street Journal, Outside Magazine, l’Equipe Magazine, TF1, Die Welt, Suddeutsche Zeitung, the Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and many more

International partners
  • Vivo Barefoot
  • ARK Swimrun
  • Mr Green