Photo Pick: Jakob Edholm captures Engadin winner Salli Carlfjord

Dec 15, 2017

Jakob Edholm

“It’s really tricky to compose good shots from the water, since you can’t see the viewfinder properly and you never know where the swimrunner will strike his or her best pose.”

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By Josefine Ås

Those of you who have participated in a few ÖTILLÖ events have probably come across me in the water on one of the swims along the racecourse, popping up from nowhere in my wetsuit and chasing you, almost a little too close, or putting the camera in your face when you least expect it. Sorry, but I like spending time in the water! And I love the dynamic photos we create together, when you swimrunners are speeding by and the water comes alive.

It’s really tricky to compose good shots from the water, since you can’t see the viewfinder properly and you never know where the swimrunner will strike his or her best pose.

So, there is indeed a whole lot of trial and error, and a higher crap ratio than on dry land. But during every race there are a few times you nail it, and then you get the dynamic and interesting photos that I’m after.

This photo, capturing ÖTILLÖ Engadin winner Salli Carlfjord torpedoing the clear waters of the Swiss lakes, is one of my favourites. The shot is a little messy, and maybe not as clean as some of the more famous swimrun pics, but it has so much energy. Just look how the turbulent water and all the air bubbles create sparks from the (almost) never-ending sunshine of the Engadin valley! At the same time, the head and catching arm are leading the way forward.

I usually don’t produce black and white photos from ÖTILLÖ events but recently (while waiting for the another ÖTILLÖ World Series season to start), I processed a few of my personal favourites to try it out. And I think it works out very well. Especially for this photo, that I printed as a super-sized poster and framed on my living room wall!

Article first published in Swimrun Life Magazine Issue #5 (December 2017)

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