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ÖtillÖ 3owcswim

Jakob Edholm

On September 2, 160 teams will swimrun 75 kilometres across 24 islands during the punishing dawn to dusk ÖTILLÖ World Championship.

“ÖTILLÖ 2019 will be the tightest racing until date,” says Michael Lemmel. “All the top teams have had one more year to train and prepare, becoming even better swimrunners. It’ll be very hard to predict the outcome.”

The Men’s teams will be “a hornet’s nest” between the World Champs ARK Swimrun, Sailfish Team Bröderna Bäver, o2Extreme Team/, Team ATG Sport and Team Simployer. Keep an eye also on outsiders Team and Team Envol.

The Mixed category, “also a hornet’s nest”, some teams will try to keep pace with the Men’s teams for as long as possible: World Champs Thule Crew/ Wolffwear HEAD SR team, Team Garmin, ARK Swimrun and Say No To Doping.

In the Women’s division, it will be “a tight match” between favourites Fanny Danckwardt and Desirée Andersson and Susie Moonan and Anna Hellström, all racing as Team Envol. They will be chased by Team ARKSouls Addnature while outsiders Head Swimming (also part of Team Envol) and Team Garmin push to the end.

Maria Rohman and Adriel Young will be reporting live from the field on Monday, September 2nd, 05:50 CET. Watch on

Article first published August 2019.


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