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This is why we love Swimrun!
Our new concept of Sprint & Experience on Saturday and World Series on Sunday is really great.

The Saturday Sprint is a mixture of serious racing up front and huge smiles all the way through. The Experience is just all smiles with so many trying something new.

At Utö we had world Champs and top World Series racers doing the Sprint with others that did Swimrun for the first time. In the Experience we had a hen party, 12- year olds with parents, new racers and old racers. The whole day was just lots of fun albeit the cold temperatures.

On Sunday at the World Series start you could feel the electrical atmosphere. So much adrenaline up front and all the way through the field. 40 km of Swimrun with 18 swims is a big undertaking for anyone.

The weather was very still. Some light drizzle at points during the day and some spells of fog that came in the afternoon. The pictures are so beautiful.

ÖTILLÖ Utö 2019

Lots of talk about the water temperature. Between 7 – 11 degrees measured at all swims. Wonderful to see so many finishing in the hot tub after the finish line.

Special mentions to the Beaver brothers, their second consecutive win. To Team – Kenny Meijer and Amanda Nilsson who crushed the mixed category and finished 4th overall. To the next generation of Original4 – Tova and Norma – who finished in fine form. To all the eight teams that qualified for the World Championship. To all of you who came from near and far to brave the Swedish pre-summer Swimrun party.

See the results from ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Utö

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