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This week-end, in Hvar, nature showed us very clearly what Swimrun is about. It is moments like these that define the sport and us as humans.

If we think we can conquer nature, it is days like this that prove us wrong. Swimrun is about trying to adapt to nature and maybe, at some point, find a way that works. It is a team sport where being a team is defined by how we manage to move forward, completely dependent on each other. It is a sport where you need to dig deep to make it happen.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Hvar 2017

It was one of those days. We all met YUGO, a special wind with winds up to 16 m/s generating wind, waves and currents.

We had it all! Big waves, almost like minibuses, rolled over the teams in some places and the conditions were the toughest we have had on a race.

We had 110 teams registered of which 100 started. Some of them did not show up, others decided not to start. 51 teams finished and 49 teams did not.

No matter what results you had, everyone who came and gave all they had, did a tremendous effort. Even the teams that decided not to come to start should be proud. Not starting is probably the hardest decision of all to make!

Tough, yes. Too tough, no. We want to challenge you and you want to be challenged.

Thank you all for setting off the season with a real smash hit of a race. We will definitely be back!

We should all stand up and applaud Lelle Moberg & Daniel Hansson, who won the race after a drawn out battle with five other teams. They proved why they are the World Champions. They are now the team to beat at Utö, wearing the Golden Bib and on for the race for the 1 million SEK.

Again, Annika Ericsson proved how strong she is. Together with Stefano Fulvio Prestinoni, they won the mixed category ONLY 15 minutes after the overall winners.

Huge respect to the top three teams in all categories, to all racers and to all our staff, all local volunteers and all safety boat drivers. We have found the perfect Swimrun location. Unreal water and beautiful trails.

Thank you Hvar, Thank you Garmin, Vivobarefoot, HEAD swimming and Campz/Addnature Sweden for making this possible.

Thank you for your trust!

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