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Due to the uncertainties connected to the Presidential travel ban from Europe we have been forced to move the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Catalina weekend from November 2021 until March 19 & 20, 2022.

All permits are approved and have been moved to the new dates.

As we are responsible for moving the race we will move entries automatically to the new dates. If it is not possible for you to participate during the new dates we will give you a 95% refund if you request it before November 1st, 2021. If so, please email

The island of Catalina, off the coast of Los Angeles will be the start location for the 2022 season in the end of March. The races on Catalina are fantastic. We cannot wait to get back to this beautiful place at the same time as the wild flowers are blooming.

The races are open for everyone. In teams of two or solo.

We look forward to seeing you on Catalina. Check out all details here.

This now leaves us with only two more race weekends this year. Hopefully we will see you at either ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Cannes on October 16 & 17 or at ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Malta on November 6 & 7.

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