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We introduce the first ever Individual Start in ÖTILLÖ history

ÖTILLÖ has made two big changes to its Final 15K race. First, the course will go back to its origin: All participants will have to conquer the last 15km of ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship. This means that it will be a POINT-TO-POINT race with start on Ornö and finish on Utö. Second, the Final 15K will be the first INDIVIDUAL START race in ÖTILLÖ history. The Individual start works as follows. The first start will be at 11:oo and then a team or solo racer will start every 15 seconds. Different categories (Teams/ Solos) will have different starting blocks. The strongest racers in each category will start at the end. Please make sure you will give us your estimated racing time when signing up. Registration starts TODAY.

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