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Since we started ÖTILLÖ and swimrun in 2006 racers, friends, family and others interested in what we are doing have been looking for a plattform where they and we can communicate.

As the sport continues to grow many people want to race, to find races and to discuss travel, locations and equipment. Because of all these reasons we have created the ÖTILLÖ Discussion forum so that you can talk with each other and with us. The more of us that register there, the easier it will be to find race partners, to find the right gear and to be among friends.

Our sport is still small so it can feel lonely out there. But, if you consider that there are probably about 40 000 individuals racing in 2017 then there is probably another 40 000 at least that are curious of what is going on and want to take part of all your knowledge and your ideas.

If our community becomes stronger and bigger then more opportunities will be available for everyone and we together can have a real voice in the endurance world. Until date we have about 400 persons registered in a completely open forum based around swimrun, not only ÖTILLÖ. So, go to the Discussion forum, register and become an advocate for the sport and part of building the future.

In 10 years time we might all be able to say that we were there at the beginning of the sport!

Article first published in Swimrun Life Magazine Issue # 1 (Feb/Mar 2017)

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  • Yornick Hurtado

    Is there anyone still looking for a partner for a qualifier race. I am a pretty good-decent swimmer and runner. Never donde a swim race before. if there is anyone interested I can give you more details of my times by email.

  • Kelly Roth

    how would a woman find a partner for this race?

    • Michael Lemmel

      hello, go to the facebook group swimrunpartner wanted or look up WILDswimrun
      Good luck and hope to see you soon

  • Vicente Vertiz Pani

    I am 61 years old from Mexico and just found out about Swim Run on the internet. I would like to do some races of the series in order to try to qualify for the 2021 World Championships. I used to be a good runner (my PB was 2.31 in the marathon and 7.16 for the 100km back in my youth and right now I run the marathon in about 3.30/40) and a not too fast swimmer (I do around 1.20 for Ironman distance and between 27 to 30 minutes at olympic distance races. I am looking for a partner for the adventure my plan is to do the Catalina race and another race in Europe next year if anyone is interested please contact me I am on facebook as Vicente Vertiz Pani or by e mail. It could be either in the all men or mixed category.

    • Michael Lemmel

      Thank you for your note.
      Check out the facebook group swimrun partner wanted or swimrun experience.
      with kind regards

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