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We featured Nicolas Remires in the augural Swimrun Life Magazine, back in February of this year, when the founder of Envol Coaching had created a free 12-week swimrun training programme.

Nicolas continues to raise the swimrun bar, this time with the creation of the Team Envol Swimrun Club. The Stockholm-based personal trainer sits down with SLM to share some of the details.

SLM: You are starting Team Envol, the first swimrun-specific club. What does this say about the growth of the sport?

NR: I created a swimrun club – Team Envol – to help bring the sport to the next level. Swimrun is growing and people at all levels are looking for a way to make swimrun a part of their life. This club is a perfect platform to get inspired and motivated for training and to help reach racing goals. Being part of a squad like this will also offer members opportunities to find well-matched partners for training and racing.

Plus it’s a chance to meet new people, to learn from and share experiences.

SLM: What is your swimrun club? What is the advantage for a swimrunner to train with you?

NR: Members of the team are training together and like a big family, will travel together to the different races. Our members will also have club advantages from partners and sponsors. For example, we recently spent a day together getting inspired by swimrun master and ÖTIILÖ co-founder Michael Lemmel and Vivobarefoot’s instructor Scott Cole.

SLM: Who is involved so far?

NR: As the founder of Team Envol, I’m in charge of the team. I also have some very talented people in the club helping me with various things. Everyone is happy to pitch in wherever they can!

On the member side, we have every level. Team Envol is lucky to count as members some experienced and talented swimrunners – winners of various ÖTILLÖ races and some who’ve been on the podium of the ÖTILLÖ World Championship. But we also have true beginners, some of whom are getting ready to do their first short distance swimrun in 2018.

Most of the members are based in Stockholm area but there are a few living abroad. Expanding Team Envol internationally is definitely on the horizon.

SLM: Tell us about training.

NR: The team trains in the Stockholm area. Runs are organised in Nacka Nature Reserve and we swim mostly at Eriksdalsbadet. Come May, we’ll be back swimming in open water! We have a few sessions every week. We also have training camps planned in Sweden and abroad.

SLM: How can someone join Team Envol?

NR: Membership is 900 SEK (around 90 euros) a year, which includes a pair of Vivobarefoot shoes (and other great sponsor deals). It’s money well invested in your swimrun future.

Contact for more info.

Article first published in Swimrun Life Magazine Issue #5 (December 2017)

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