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May 19th, 2022


Online Race Briefing

 March, 2023

A new year and a new race briefing

This is our 18th season of swimrun and let’s make it another fantastic one together.

We realized during the pandemic that this format of doing an online briefing was a great idea. You can take the time and read it through in your own time, when you can focus.

Please read it to the end, even if you have done lots of races as we will currently update topics for this season.

General Information

5 days before each race you will get a FINAL RACER INFO NEWSLETTER via email. Make sure you read it properly.

At the race bib distribution one of the Race Directors will be present for you to ask specific questions.

15- minutes before each start we will have a quick briefing by the start line to inform you about race specifics.

At the race bib distribution

Please come at the allotted time.

Make sure you know your Start number and have it ready for a smooth process.

Please have all the requested documentation – Read the specifics on the website for what is required for your race.

Both teammates need to be there if you are racing in a team.

On-site registration

It will be possible to sign up to all race distances on race days however the entry fees on-site will be higher than the late entry-fee. For price details please see the race pages at the website.

The on-site race sign up will be open from the same time as the race bib distribution for each race distance.

Updated Race bibs and swim cap colors

World Series distance Red bibs and swim caps

Sprint distance Orange bibs and swim caps

Experience distance Purple bibs and swim caps

The solo category for each distance have yellow shoulders on their bibs and yellow swim caps.

In our work trying to be more sustainable you need to return your race bib after you finish so we can use them for the next race.

Bag drops

If there is a bag drop we will let you know in the FINAL RACER INFO

Please bring just a small bag, not your luggage. We have limited space.

Please try to not leave any valuables, the bag drop is not guarded.

The start

The start is on time

Follow the instructions for each destination

The energy stations

Check the website where the energy stations are and what is to be found at each one. We are working with Maurten this year as our sports drink supplier. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU NEED TO HAVE A COLLAPSIBLE CUP OR SOFT FLASK.

At the energy station we recycling bins for paper, plastic and other stuff.

ONLY throw trash/ garbage in the garbage can. Not anywhere else. You will be disqualified.

The finish line

Please keep moving through the finish line

You will need to leave your race bib and your timing chip.

This applies for all races.

Prize givings

The prize giving ceremonies are in the schedule for each race. Make sure you are there if you will be awarded.


How to race

As a racer you have a responsible to come prepared to a race. That means that you have to know and understand the rules, you need to read the schedule for the race day, you have to know the course and read all necessary information on the website that concerns your performance.

All the ÖTILLÖ races take place in nature. This means that you need to check weather forecasts and the water temperatures.

You need to understand the terrain you will be running in if it is rocky, hilly, trails or roads.

You need to understand the water you will swim in if it is waves, currents, tides, fresh water or salt water.

All this information will guide you how to prepare both physically and mentally.

It will also guide you in choosing the correct equipment.

We also recommend you to be familiar with your equipment before racing.

These steps are all important to be able to perform at your best.

There is also another element that needs to be considered and that is the respect of the other racers, the organization and nature. Race at your best and do it in a respectful manner.

The course

The entire course is marked and you must follow the course.

On land we have ribbons, flags and signs to guide you. As the courses goes into each other we use the same type of signs where you run on the same track. When there are intersections where the courses split, we have created signs that are of similar color as your race bib.

The swim sections are marked as follows.

Race kit

In your race kit you have received the following.

Mandatory gear

Basic rules

Cut offs

Abandon the race

Safety and organisation