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August 7th, 2021



Today, the Southern Archipelago outside the city of Gothenburg was the arena for the Swimrun World Series. Three weeks ago it was the Swiss mountains of the Engadin Valley. What unites these two very opposites is the incredible speed the top teams hold along the course. At the end Oscar Olsson (SWE) & Adriel Young (AUS) pulled the longest straw and won the Mens race. In the Mixed category Ulrika Eriksson (SWE) & Peter Oom (SWE) won a fierce chase to the end and in the Womens Category the same scenario played out but now with Anna Hellström & Johanna Paulsson (SWE) as the final winners.

As this race is four (4) weeks before the World Championship it was the last chance for some teams to qualify and a chance for other teams to sharpen their game. 

The World Series race was a total of 37,5 km between the islands of Styrsö, Köpstadsö, Brännö, Asperö, Känsö och Vrångö to mention some of the islands. In total there was 19 run sections on and 18 swim sections between the islands.

In the Mens category some of the best teams in the world were on the start line and they set the tone right away. From the start gun three teams pushed hard to try to make a break. In the Mixed and Womens category the scenario was similar with several teams pushing hard all the way to the finish. The speed on land, in some very technical terrain at times is mind-boggling and the in the water all the top racers swim like torpedoes. For some of the holiday- makers in the archipelago it must have been spectacular to see. 

In the end only minutes differed between the top teams. Oscar Olsson & Adriel Young, living in Gothenburg and who have won several times  before managed to pull out all stops and to win ahead of the the chasing French team. Oscar and Adriel showed the competition that they will be a force to reckon with at the World Championship on September 6th. Their winning time: 3:39:36 . Six minutes ahead of the young french duo Matthieu Poullain & Hugo Tormento (FRA) – Team ARK Swimrun France – who continue to show that they are among the absolute best. In third place Max Andersson & Fredrik Axegård (SWE) – ARK Swimrun Oldie & Young gun – finished with a total time of 3:46:19.

In the Mixed category another local team won. Ulrika Eriksson & Peter Oom – Team Stena Recycling- also from Gothenburg and now winners of two out of three World Series races this year are looking like favourites at the coming World Championship. Their winning time: 3:57:36. Ulrika & Peter held a very constant, high pace throughout the whole race course managing to win ahead of Kristin Larsson & Daniel Hansson (SWE) – Team ARK Swimrun. In third place Marika Wagner & Alexander Koller – ARK Swimrun – finished with a total time of 4:09:18.

The Womens race was a hornets’ nest for second and third. Winners Anna Hellström & Johanna Paulsson (SWE) – Team Envol/ Primal coaching – pulled away from the chasing teams from the beginning. Their winning time was 4:22:16. They won 7 minutes ahead of Johanna Edman (SWE) & Eugenie Plane (FRA)- who were not more than a minute ahead of Helen Wikmar & Emma Wanberg (SWE).

The racing up front must be incredible stressful where there is no time or place to let off the gas anywhere on the course.

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1. Team HUUB – Adriel Young AUS & Oscar Olsson SWE 3:39:36 

2. Team ARK Swimrun France – Matthieu Poullain & Hugo Tormento FRA – 3:45:43

3. Team ARK Swimrun Oldie & Young gun – Fredrik Axegård & Max Andersson SWE – 3:46:19


1. Team Stena Recycling – Ulrika Eriksson & Peter Oom SWE – 3:57:57 

2. ARK Swimrun Daniel & Kristin – Kristin Larsson & Daniel Hansson SWE – 4:04:07

3. ARK Swimrun – Marika Wagner & Alexander Koller SWE – 4:09:18


1. Team Envol/ Primal coaching – Anna Hellström & Johanna Paulsson SWE – 4:22:16 

2. Johanna & Eugenie – Johanna Edman (SWE) & Eugenie Plane (FRA) – 4:29:26

3. Team ARK Addnature – Helen Wikmar & Emma Wanberg SWE – 4:30:45

All results.

More info about the race.

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ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Gothenburg was a big day with close to 550 racers representing 20 different nations.

Race day had different races that covered the complete spectra of swimrun racing with everything from beginners to the absolute best in the world. The shortest distance is called Experience, which was 7,5 km long. There was a middle-distance called Sprint, which was 19 km long. The World Series lrace was 35 km long with 19 runs and 18 swims. This distance was the last qualifier to ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship on September 6th, 2021. The first three teams in each category (men, women and mixed) that did not already have a spot were rewarded with an entry after finishing. All distances were open to teams of two and to solo racers. The race in Gothenburg will be a yearly event.

The race day was a perfect day for swimrun with some sun, some clouds, a little bit of rain and not much wind. The temperature was more or less the same in the water as on land – close to 19 degrees. The participants were very pleased with the race courses and to be cheered by so many holiday-makers around the course.

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