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April 19th, 2023




LONDON: Global natural lifestyle brand, Vivobarefoot,

launches a new multi-landscape shoe – the Hydra ESC.

Designed for people, who want the freedom to explore the natural world whilst still protecting their feet, the Hydra ESC is the perfect shoe for coastal exploration, wild swimming, or Swimrun athletes. With low wet weight and fast water drainage, adventurers and athletes will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of getting out and about without restriction. Designed in partnership with some of the world’s best Swimrun teams, the Hydra ESC is also a formidable trail shoe, with all the features you need to move swiftly across any terrain including a knitted upper to keep out debris.

In tandem with the arrival of the new shoes, Vivobarefoot is also launching a Blue Health campaign to encourage more people to reap the benefits of exploring the bodies of water, near or far. Despite more studies looking at the wellbeing effects of being in, on or even just viewing an image of water or the sea brings, Blue Health is still a relatively unknown term. Vivobarefoot wants to change that.

The Michelin© ESC sole offers extreme traction, providing the ultimate grip for uneven or slippery terrain. With a 2.5mm base and 7mm lug height, the shoes have been designed to give the wearer maximum grip without compromising ground feel, increasing their connection to the environment around them.

The shoe will be available in two colourways, Obsidian, complementing the colours of The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series, and is available immediately, and Sea Green which will be available from May.

Vivobarefoot co-founder, Galahad Clark comments, “Around 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, yet there’s still so little we know about how much it can benefit our health and wellbeing. Simply being near the sea or another body of water can have an amazing impact on our natural health, so we’ve designed the Hydra ESC to really encourage us all to get out and get our feet wet.”

The Hydra ESC comes with all the signature features expected of a Vivobarefoot product. Designed to be thin, wide and flexible, the shoe allows for natural movement and maximum sensory feedback under-foot to allow your feet to do their natural thing – be feet.

The Hydra ESC will be available to buy in two colourways, Obsidian and Sea Green, from £165 from


A certified B Corp, Vivobarefoot, is a natural health lifestyle company. Its mission is to reconnect people to their natural potential – and the natural world. And it starts with your feet. Created by two cousins from a long line of cobblers, Galahad and Asher Clark, Vivobarefoot draws upon simple barefoot design principles: wide, thin and flexible – Wide (for natural stability) *minimalist footwear increases balance and stability, Thin (for natural sensory feedback) *increase the quality of information to the brain, Flexible (for natural strength and energy return) *wearing Vivobarefoot wear for 6 months increases foot-strength by 60% – These principles optimise foot health and natural movement.

A recently launched educational platform, VIVOHEALTH, supports the objective with expert-led health content initially helping customers transition to barefoot movement (and foot rehabilitation). The platform is expanding into content led by natural health experts.

The Livebarefoot Fund, is an in-house impact hub catalysing mission-aligned innovation, research and advocacy programs.